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Guy & Louise

Level C:

GUY: ......
LOUISE: I wonder if that's enough...
GUY: Wha--!?
LOUISE: Don't move.
GUY: Huh?
LOUISE: ...... Hold for just a moment longer.
GUY: What are you talking about?
LOUISE: Yes. That will do it.
GUY: Answer me! Who are you!?
LOUISE: I am Countess Reglay, but you can call me Louise. I will be fighting by your side, so let's try to be more civil.
GUY: ......Hunh. All right then... I mean, hold on! What were you doing behind me just now?!
LOUISE: I fixed your hair.
GUY: My hair?
LOUISE: Yes. You now have lovely braids. That's all I did.
GUY: Oh. My hair, huh?
LOUISE: Now, if you'll excuse me...
GUY: She's gorgeous...but so strange...

Level B:

LOUISE: I have traveled far and wide with Count Pent before, but I have never been to Sacae. Those vast plains and warm, dry winds... It sounds like a place of wonderful freedom. I understand people live like families in their tribes.
GUY: ...Yes. My tribe is my family.
LOUISE: Guy, why did you leave your home?
GUY: I wanted to master the art of the sword. The warriors of Kutolah only ride horses and shoot bows. That is fine for some, but I far prefer the feel of a hilt in my hand. So I just decided, "From this day forth, I'm a swordsman!" And I left my tribe and began my training. That was three years ago.
LOUISE: Three years, you say? Don't you miss your family, traveling alone all this time?
GUY: Surely you jest! I am a proud warrior of Sacae!
LOUISE: Hmmf. That you are, most certainly.
GUY: I will become a grand knight! But until that day comes, I will not return home!
LOUISE: Then I wish you luck ...Indeed. What kind of person is your mother?
GUY: You know... The usual. She is not beautiful and refined like you, though...
LOUISE: But surely she is a fine woman.
GUY: Why do you say that?
LOUISE: Well, it's easy to see. She has raised such a fine son. If only Lord Pent and I could have children... We would love to see them grow strong and brave like you, Guy.
GUY: Hey... Stop treating me like a child!
LOUISE: Hahaha. Forgive me. ...But, Guy... You do think of your mother sometimes, don't you?
GUY: Well, I...
LOUISE: Don't you?
GUY: Well, sometimes... But hardly ever, really!
LOUISE: Hahaha.
GUY: Don't laugh at me!

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