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Geitz & Karel

Level C:

KAREL: ......
GEITZ: Hey, you there.
KAREL: ......
GEITZ: Hold on there! Listen, you! Are you deaf?! Aren't you the one they call Karel? The sword-demon?
KAREL: ...What do you want?
GEITZ: They told me to join you and fight beside you. Didn't someone give you the same orders?
KAREL: ......
GEITZ: Hey, hold up there!
KAREL: This is no tea party, boy. Stay out of my way.
GEITZ: ...... Whoa... That guy gives me the creeps...

Level B:

KAREL: You...
GEITZ: Wha...! What are you doing!? So you want to fight me?
KAREL: ...... Bring it.
GEITZ: Huh!?
KAREL: Show me your skill. I want to see you fight.
GEITZ: Yeah? How's this!?
KAREL: I see... You have much to learn.
GEITZ: What? That's it!? Hey, come back here! What was all that about? Man, I just don't get that guy!

Level A:

GEITZ: Hey, Karel! Karel! I know you're here somehwere! Hey! Come on out! ...Please!
KAREL: ......
GEITZ: You've been following me, haven't you? If you're nearby, just say so! It's creepy!
KAREL: So then... You noticed.
GEITZ: Of course I did! I got goose bumps!
KAREL: I've been watching you. Watching you fight. You have natural gifts, honed well in battle. Your sword arm is much improved.
GEITZ: Yeah, so what!? Stop being so weird! You sneak up on me like death itself and... Wait... You're not trying to ambush me, are you?
KAREL: Pfah...
GEITZ: Give me a straight answer! "Pfah" is not good enough!
KAREL: Pfeh...

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