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Florina & Serra

Level C:

FLORINA: Umm... Serra?
SERRA: Wha--! Florina! It's been a while, how are you?
FLORINA: Um, fine. Say, I... Serra, can I ask you something?
SERRA: What?
FLORINA: How can I... become more like you?
SERRA: Like me? Well... Do you mean my breathtaking beauty? Or my impeccable fashion sense? Or do you mean...
FLORINA: Um... Not that stuff... I mean...your personality...
SERRA: I'm sorry?
FLORINA: When there are men nearby, I get scared, even if they're on our side. It...makes me somewhat useless in battle at times.
SERRA: Hmmm... I see. Yes, leave it to me, Florina! If you just do everything I say, then you'll be like me in no time!

Level B:

SERRA: You know, I've been thinking... If you have trouble around guys... Maybe it's just because you're shy. See, you're even a little reserved when talking to other women...
FLORINA: Y-Yes... I am.
SERRA: Then you just need to have more confidence! No matter who you're with, just think of yourself as being better than them! That'll do it!!
FLORINA: I can't think of equals?
SERRA: No, no, not at all! Think of them as lowly little bugs if you can.
FLORINA: bugs?
SERRA: Look, your shyness is pretty deeply ingrained, right? Then you'll just have to take drastic measures!! Stand up straight! Push out that chest! Raise that chin! Look me in the eye! No! I'm a bug, remember! Look at me with disgust!
FLORINA: Err, umm... Stand up...straight. Puff out... Like this?
SERRA: No! No! No! More defiant! And your legs! Take a wider stance! Yeah! That's better!
FLORINA: ...Um... I feel weird...
SERRA: Then eyes! Don't forget! Raise your chin! More disdain!
FLORINA: ...My...neck...hurts...

Level A:

SERRA: How goes it, Florina? Have you been practicing what I showed you?
FLORINA: Umm, I'm sorry... Maybe I just... can't do it...
SERRA: Hmm... Maybe not... I guess not everyone can be like me... You know, this is a secret, but I'll go ahead and tell you... I am actually a noblewoman of Etruria.
FLORINA: R-Really?
SERRA: Yeah, I haven't told anyone, but I think they suspect as much. I mean breeding confers... a certain grace and elegance. Don't I just exude a certain air of total superiority?
FLORINA: Well, umm... I guess... You kind of are like a... a princess.
SERRA: Oh... So you think so, too? I knew you would, Florina!
FLORINA: Yes, I... I've always thought you were... different from the other people...
SERRA: Yeah! Yeah!
FLORINA: You're always bouncing around... Popping up and just... Just saying whatever you want...
SERRA: Wait, wait, wait! Now, which one of those makes me seem like a princess?
FLORINA: I really did want to be more like you... So I mustered my courage and approached you... I'm glad I did. We should stay friends...
SERRA: Aww...Florina!

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