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Fiora & Pent

Level C:

FIORA: Lord Pent. Please forgive me for taking so long to report... The mission you entrusted to me...
PENT: Fiora...
FIORA: Forgive us, my lord. We were not strong enough... We were ambushed on the Dread Isle, and the mission ended in failure... But Lord Eliwood did lend his aid, and we were able to gain some information... Allow me to give you the details...
PENT: Fiora, please... Don't worry about that for now... It is I who should apologize...
FIORA: ...What for?
PENT: I understand you lost companions on Valor... It is my fault. I should have provided better information. I had no idea there was such danger.
FIORA: no, my lord. It was carelessness that invited danger. My own. There is no reason for you to feel responsible...
PENT: But...
FIORA: I take full responsibility for the failure of my mission... And now, if you will excuse me...

Level B:

PENT: Fiora...may we speak a moment?
FIORA: My lord Pent? What are you doing here? Please, do not concern yourself with me. You should be by your wife's side.
PENT: Take this.
FIORA: Hm? It's a jewel...
PENT: I know it's not much, but we travel lightly these days, and it is all I could find. It is a token of my appreciation for you and your compatriots. Please accept it.
FIORA: If it is a matter of payment, I have already been--
PENT: Sell it. Take the gold it brings you and give it to the families of your fallen friends. It is no compensation for their loss, but...
FIORA: Lord Pent... Lord Pent, you are too kind... The other nobles think of us as pawns in their game... No one concerns himself with the death of a pawn... And that is to be expected. We are, after all, mercenaries.
PENT: Fiora...
FIORA: But, Lord Pent... We are greatful for your kindness... You have always treated us as equals... Even those who fell on Dread Isle were proud to have served you... As am I.
PENT: ......
FIORA: So please, Lord Pent... Please rely on our lances. Let us fight for you. This is the wish of the knights of Ilia.

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