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Fiora & Kent

Level C:

FIORA: Are you Kent? It's nice to meet you!
KENT: Forgive my rudeness, but who are you?
FIORA: I am Fiora, the pegasus knight. You have been looking after my sister. Allow me to thank you.
KENT: Oh, yes... When we were in Caelin, Florina spoke of you often...
FIORA: Oh, what did she say?
KENT: That you... were a lot like me.
FIORA: Oh... In what regard?
KENT: Well... I'm not really sure... I just remember her saying it. Well, Fiora. It is an honor. Let us fight together and ride on to victory.
FIORA: Yes, let's. I think that, together, we can fulfill any duty.

Level B:

KENT: Fiora. I must speak to you...
FIORA: Kent, what a coincidence. I was just looking for you...
KENT: Actually, it's about this army... Do you ever feel like some here lack proper moral grounding?
FIORA: Yes, the same thought has occurred to me. As a hired lance, I thought it not my place to speak.
KENT: Camaraderie in the field is one thing... But the men and women in the camp are altogether too...intimate...
FIORA: Indeed. Their minds are not focused on their duties...
KENT: It is a problem.
FIORA: A problem indeed.
KENT: I have decided to seek the counsel of Lady Lyndis in this matter. Perhaps she could issue some order limiting...interactions between the sexes...
FIORA: That is a good idea. It would be the best way to ensure the proper conduct of all.
KENT: Of course, we would still have to iron out the details of such an order... I hope you would not mind lending me your assistance...
FIORA: Oh, but of course. It might be difficult to find time to discuss this on the battlefield. Perhaps later, when we can be alone...
KENT: Yes, of course. I would be truly grateful to have the company of a morally pure individual like yourself...
FIORA: Indeed. I feel exactly the same.

Level A:

FIORA: Kent.
KENT: Fiora.
KENT: You...
FIORA: .....Forgive me.
KENT: No, it is I who should apologize...
KENT: We... ..... Why don't you go first.
FIORA: No, please, you first.
KENT: Well, then... Fiora, please stay with me. When you are near, I feel as if I fight more bravely, more keenly... I think we would fight well together... What do you say?
FIORA: Actually... I came to ask you the same thing...
KENT: Really?
FIORA: Yes. It's strange, isn't it? I feel as if we have known each other from birth.
KENT: Fiora... I must ask you one more thing. When this battle ends, if we both still live...
FIORA: Please...say no more. I...already know what you will ask... Of course. I feel the same way.
KENT: Really? I am glad... But...about that policy I suggested... What should we do?
FIORA: Well... Perhaps... It can wait...

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