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Fiora & Geitz

Level C:

FIORA: Oh...
FIORA: Haven't we, err... met before?
GEITZ: Hm? I don't recall...
FIORA: A long time ago...on a boat. Yes, you were a merchant in Bulgar weren't you?
GEITZ: ...How could you know that?
FIORA: Of course! We Ilians owe your guild a great debt! One bitter year, all the crops in Ilia died in the frost. And your people crossed the frozen ocean in the north to bring us food. If you hadn't come, we surely would have died! Please, let me thank you!
GEITZ: Stop... I am not kidding. That guild and I... share no connection now.

Level B:

FIORA: Oh, wait up! Geitz, please!
GEITZ: You again. If you've brought more thanks, tell it to my fath-- that frozen old man. I'd not waste your breath on that abusive monster.
FIORA: You hate your father, don't you? Why? He was such a good man.
GEITZ: ..... Have you ever heard of a boat called a galley?
FIORA: No, I haven't.
GEITZ: Most boats use wind power to sail, right? You can move quickly with the wind, but you can't move against it. Well, a galley is a boat moved by people rowing oars. It's good for keeping a shipping schedule regardless of the wind.
FIORA: And that's...
GEITZ: Yes, my father used his profits to hire many rowers. They spent their days in the stifling hold of the ship, slaving like beasts. When they collapsed with exhaustion, my father just tossed them overboard.
FIORA: .....
GEITZ: As a child, I loved riding on my father's boat. I respected my father, whom everyone called master. But one day, I ventured into the hold of the ship. I saw those broken men rowing, like lost souls in hell. I saw...children... who were my age...
FIORA: .....
GEITZ: I felt as if I were responsible... The boat in which I was riding... devoured children's souls. I realized this, and the thought almost killed me...
FIORA: ....
GEITZ: After that...I have had no love for my father...

Level A:

FIORA: Umm, Geitz?
FIORA: What will you do after this? Are you going back to the merchant guild of Bulgar?
GEITZ: Never. I would strangle those men if we were in the same room. My brother, Geese, will probably take over the guild. I will likely live as a mercenary somewhere...
FIORA: Yes... That might be best. The merchant's life would not suit you...
GEITZ: ...Bah! Watch your tongue, woman!!
FIORA: I meant... you're a good man! I just meant you had too much heart to be like them!
GEITZ: ...Foolishness. You don't understand the business at all...
FIORA: Maybe not. But I understand you!
GEITZ: .....

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