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Fiora & Florina

Level C:

FIORA: Florina?
FLORINA: Yes, Fiora, what is it?
FIORA: Try not to get too far ahead of the front line... You can always ride behind and back me up, you know...
FLORINA: Thanks, Fiora. But...I... I have to do it my way. You can handle it out there alone, right? Well I need to make sure that I can, too.
FIORA: Oh... But I worry about you. When we were in training, you used to get so scared...
FLORINA: Yeah, but I'm fine now.
FIORA: Really? But the Caelin Knights are all men, aren't they? I just think of you, all timid and scared among them... So, Florina... You really don't mind it? Didn't they give you a hard time for being a woman? Now if they did, I want you to let me know. Because I will tell them a thing or two...
FLORINA: I-I'm fine. Lady Lyndis took good care of me... And everyone was really nice...
FIORA: Oh? Well, I still worry.

Level B:

FIORA: Hey, Florina. When this is all over, we should go back to Ilia together once, you and I.
FLORINA: Huh? B-But I'm still only...
FIORA: Having seen you fly, I'm sure they would promote you to pegasus knight first rank if we went back to Ilia. And I really want you to join me in the first division. Then I'll be able to help you anytime you need it. I would feel much better that way.
FLORINA: Fiora... Look...I...
FIORA: Don't you want to fly by my side?
FLORINA: Well, of course I do... It's what I had always wanted... I would have been delighted to... But...
FIORA: You've got some reason to decline, then?
FLORINA: ...Ulp.
FIORA: If you are worried about Lady Lyndis giving you leave, I'll talk to her...
FLORINA: No, that's not it. Well, I mean, I guess that is part of it, but... It's me... I just need time to...
FIORA: Fine. You can tell me whenever you're ready. Go ahead, take your time deciding. It's fine.

Level A:

FLORINA: Hey, Sis...
FIORA: Florina, what is it?
FLORINA: Well, you see. I really love you, Fiora. And it would be great to be with you, to have you protect me always...
FIORA: Florina...
FLORINA: But... But... That wouldn't be good for me.. You're so kind you would probably protect me for the rest of my life... That's the problem... If I rely on you forever, I'll never become my own person. So...I've decided not to return to Ilia yet. It's because I do love you... You see, I don't want to always be the crybaby Florina who needs you to protect her... I want to be more like my sister, a fine pegasus knight.
FIORA: Florina... I...understand. That's the first time I have ever heard you express yourself so clearly.
FLORINA: I-I'm sorry....
FIORA: No, it's a good thing! It means you're all grown up now! At first I thought I would rather have you in my division so I could protect you, but... But now I know you'll be fine on your own...
FLORINA: ...Fiora.
FIORA: Then I have just one last thing to leave you with, as a senior pegasus knight... Listen closely... No matter what happens... ...even if you have to take a mission that you are sure you won't return from... Never quit a mission that you have already accepted... We don't just fight for ourselves... We fight for the pride of the entire Ilian pegasus knight brigade. This is something that you will learn quite well someday.
FLORINA: Um, sure... I mean... Yes!
FIORA: Good response. ...And good luck, Florina!

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