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Farina & Kent

Level C:

FARINA: Well, that just about does it... We really showed them a good fight today! Eh, Murphy?
KENT: Ah!!!
FARINA: Oh! Forgive me! I didn't think anyone was there! Murphy, stop flapping your wings!
KENT: I'm... I'm fine.
FARINA: I am Farina, member of the third division of Ilian pegasus knights. Hector paid a pretty penny for my services. 20,000 gold.
KENT: 20,000? My, that's quite a sum... Farina, excuse me for my rudeness. I am Kent, a knight of Caelin. Let us combine our strength, and ride on to victory in the service of our lord!
KENT: W-What's the matter?
FARINA: You're just so... You're so serious, Kent! You don't think about anything but your duty!
KENT: ...People often say that.
FARINA: I'm not so good with serious types... I feel all cramped and choked when I'm around them...
KENT: I... I am sorry for that.
FARINA: You see, my sister, she's really serious, like you. She'll jump all over your back for any little thing! I wish she could just be a little nicer about it, you know?
KENT: I'm sure she only does it for your own good... She is such a... generous...woman
FARINA: I knew it! You guys are like peas in a high-strung pod! I just don't get along with people like you guys at all.
KENT: I must... apologize for that as well.

Level B:

FARINA: Say, Kent, what month were you born?
KENT: Why do you ask?
FARINA: Just answer the question... What month? No wait! Let me guess... You were born... Got it! I bet...according to the standard Elibean calendar, you were born in the month of the pegasus! Am I right?
KENT: Yes. That is what my mother tells me.
FARINA: Yeah! I knew it!
KENT: And what does that mean?
FARINA: I was born in the month of the archer! We have zero compatibility! I would shoot you down every time!
KENT: I must apologize...I think. But we have seen quite a bit of each other lately...
FARINA: Yeah, I guess we have... It's like you're there every time I turn around... Hey!
FARINA: It's not like I have any special feelings for you or anything! It's not like that! Don't get the wrong idea!
KENT: Hm? Sure... I understand.
FARINA: This is probably someone else's doing... ...Like Marcus, or Oswin... You know, Merlinus might try something like this, too...
KENT: I don't think it is a conspiracy... I mean, what would anyone have to gain from making us fight together?
FARINA: I guess you're right... Still, it is a little weird.

Level A:

KENT: Ah, we meet again.
FARINA: We sure do seem to be bumping into each other a lot lately... Especially considering how uncomfortable we both find it being around each other...
KENT: I don't think any such thing...
KENT: I must apologize if that was your impression... But I do not dislike being around you...
FARINA: O-Oh? ...... Well, if you don't mind, that's good. You may not be rich... And we may not be much alike... But I do feel rather... secure when I'm around you. Ah!
FARINA: Don't get me wrong! No offense. I mean... I know... that's all.
KENT: ? Sure, I understand. Well, I'm about to be off. Are you coming?
FARINA: Err... Yeah, sure. It's not like there's any reason for me not to... Let's go!

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