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Farina & Florina

Level C:

FLORINA: Sister.
FARINA: Oh, Florina...what is it? You're smiling so broadly!
FLORINA: Well, I'm happy. I just can't believe we actually get to fight side by side again!
FARINA: You excite pretty easily, don't you? It hasn't been that long since we last saw each other!
FLORINA: But...Fiora had said you'd gone really far away.
FARINA: Yeah, I bet she wishes I had! Well, whatever! But, have you been recently?
FLORINA: How have I...been?
FARINA: You know...financially. Are you getting paid what you're worth?
FLORINA: Um, yeah. And everyone here is really nice...
FARINA: We're not here to make friends, Florina. Negotiating your salary is a ruthless battle. You have to be willing to walk away if they try to bargain you down even one gold piece!
FLORINA: never change...

Level B:

FLORINA: ...Well, now that Lyn has been recognized as a noble... I can join the marchioness of Caelin.
FARINA: Hmmm. Well, I guess a lot has happened in my absence. But, Florina, have you been well?
FARINA: I mean, have you gotten over your fear of men? You must have had a hard time of it when you left Ilia on your own! Did you cry yourself to sleep every night like you used to?
FLORINA: N-No...of course not. I-I'm a second-rank pegasus knight, aren't I?
FARINA: Yeah. Full-fledged... And...exactly who was it that I could make cry at every practice?
FLORINA: You... You were...
FARINA: And that's not all, come to think of it... Has anyone here seen you at a festival? I swear, you are a completely different person once you start coming out of your shell!
FLORINA: Yeah...but I...
FARINA: And I bet Lyn doesn't know anything about all of that, does she? I know all kinds of juicy secrets I could tell her...
FLORINA: N-No, don't!
FARINA: Ah! Here she comes! Lyn! Listen to this! You'll never believe what Florina did!
FLORINA: No! No! Please don't!

Level A:

FARINA: Hey, Florina? How are you doing?
FLORINA: Farina...
FARINA: Why so glum? You really look down.
FLORINA: B-Because... you said you would keep that stuff secret!
FARINA: Yeah, but it's not like Lyn, I mean... Lady Lyndis...cares... She was laughing, too! It's not as bad as you make it out to be... ...Not as bad as when you started singing the Pegasus Counting Song all the way to one hundred at that one festival back when--
FLORINA: No! Stop! It's so embarrassing!
FARINA: I mean, it's not like I included the part where you got up on that table full of food, sat yourself down cross-legged, and started belting out that song with a crooked grin on your face! Right?
FARINA: Awww... There, there. Don't cry...
FLORINA: Hey! You're the one who made me cry in the first place!
FARINA: Look, I'm sorry. Maybe I did go a little too far... But you know, I had to make sure. I had to find out if you were the same old Florina.
FARINA: I mean, Florina, suddenly you're just so powerful! You're like a different person! I missed the old Florina. But I feel better now. I just had to check and see if she was still there.
FLORINA: Oh, Farina...
FARINA: Oh no!
FLORINA: Wh-What?!
FARINA: I have to get going! If I just sit around talking, people will start to ask what I do to earn my startlingly high salary! That wouldn't do at all!

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