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Farina & Fiora

Level C:

FIORA: Farina... May I speak with you?
FARINA: Hey, Sis! So...I haven't seen you around in a bit...
FIORA: ...I'm sorry. The last time we met, I spoke too harshly.
FARINA: It's fine... Besides, I was at fault, anyway. I always think about money first and everything else later...
FIORA: No, I should be the one to apologize... And it is only natural that you should call me naive. I mean, of course mercenaries should care about when and how much they get paid to fight...
FARINA: Aw, now look, it's all behind us... I was just an idiot! You did nothing wrong...
FIORA: How can you say that? I was terrible to you, and you were right all along! Why can't you get that through your thick skull?!
FARINA: I'm telling you...I was not right all along! I never should have flown off in a tizzy like that, you dope!
FIORA: Stop contradicting me! I was wrong! I should have tried harder to grasp your greedy, insensitive ways!
FARINA: Now you listen here, you uptight, worn-out... I--! ...Hey.
FIORA: ...It's weird, isn't it... Why are we even fighting?
FARINA: Um... I dunno.
FIORA: Say, Farina... You know I don't hate you, right?
FARINA: Yeah, I've always known that. I mean, I've known you forever, right?

Level B:

FIORA: I... I wonder why we always end up fighting. It must be all my fault. I bet I'm the worst sister in Ilia...
FARINA: There you go again, pouting by yourself!
FIORA: Farina?
FARINA: You just retreat into your own little world and start grumbling like that... You just take everything on yourself, do you know that?
FIORA: But...
FARINA: You were like that before, too, remember? When I was still just a pegasus esquire... When my trainee squad was about to die in that practice maneuver... You left your own mission and swooped in to rescue us...
FIORA: ......
FARINA: And as a result, the Bern Nobles charged you an outrageous termination fee for breach of contract. You still haven't finished paying off the loan you used to cover it yet, have you?
FIORA: Well, I... Don't worry about it. That was my decision, and I've lived with it.
FARINA: But that's what I'm saying! You're just so naively idealistic! I mean, who would do such a thing? I was just a fledgling pegasus esquire! You should have left me out there!
FIORA: Farina...
FARINA: ...But, I mean... ...I was happy, of course... So that's why--that's why I want to help... Here, take this...
FARINA: Look, I'm the highest-paid pegasus knight around. It didn't take me long to earn that sum. Go ahead and pay off that loan that's still hanging over your head!
FIORA: Farina! You were worried about me this whole time?
FARINA: Well, of course I was... And was my fault... And it went down on your permanent record and everything...
FIORA: Don't be silly! We're family, aren't we? We shouldn't have to think about things like that!
FARINA: That's what I'm talking about!! Don't be so naively idealistic!! But I guess that's what makes you... the sister I love.
FIORA: Farina...

Level A:

FARINA: Hey, Sis!
FIORA: What is it, Farina?
FARINA: Have you seen me out there lately? I am earning every penny of what I'm being paid! And more!
FIORA: Haha. I suppose so. You've become a dazzling pegasus knight.
FARINA: So, after this, you'll be heading back to Ilia, right?
FIORA: Yes, I plan to.
FARINA: Well, don't forget to grab me before you leave!
FIORA: ...? So, Farina... You're coming home, too?
FARINA: I think you need me, Sis! You're not very good with finances, are you? You'd go broke without me around! I don't think I really have a choice!
FIORA: Farina... Thank you... That makes me so happy. I never knew you were so...generous...
FARINA: Hey, don't get all mushy on me! Come on! It's not like I'm doing this for free. I get a ten percent cut!
FIORA: You're kidding!?

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