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Erk & Serra

Level C:

SERRA: Oh, hi there, Erk!
ERK: ......
SERRA: You should be thanking me. I'm the one who got you into this outfit. In fact, you should be terribly grateful to me!
ERK: ...Well, you did introduce me to Lord Eliwood... But that's about it, really. I owe you no special obligation.
SERRA: That's the most ungrateful thing I've ever heard! You know, Erk, I've been with them longer than you have... So you really should treat me like your superior!
ERK: ...As usual, you use entirely confounding logic. Doesn't Lord Eliwood decide such matters?
SERRA: Well, he hasn't mentioned it yet, but I'm sure he would agree. After all, I am his close friend and Hector's fiancee!
Erk: ...... ...Well, I've heard enough. Talking to you is just a neverending headache...
SERRA: Hold your tongue, servant! You would speak thus to your lady and liege? ...Hey! Erk, wait up!

Level B:

SERRA: Hi, Erk.
ERK: Mm? You again?
SERRA: What have you been doing? You're supposed to protect me! So hurry up and start protecting!
ERK: Why should I have to protect you? I have not been ordered to do so.
SERRA: Pfff! What are you talking about? My orders are good enough!
ERK: Look, I don't think you understand...
SERRA: Well, someone would have ordered you to eventually, anyway... Both Lord Eliwood and Lord Hector are captivated by my charm... So, wait...wouldn't that make me this army's... ...leader? Wow, I didn't even know I had that kind of power!!
ERK: Ahem... You are a member of House Ostia, are you not? So why are you putting on such airs? In some ways... I actually envy you...
SERRA: Oh, really? Well, it's always nice to receive compliments...
ERK: I really do envy you...

Level A:

ERK: Serra, could you please stop moving around so much? It's hard enough protecting you when you stand still...
SERRA: What's the matter, Mr. Frumpy-Face? Well, at least you've started taking my orders...
ERK: ...Look, it wasn't your order...I was actually instructed to guard you by someone in authority. And nothing else, got it?
SERRA: Oh, don't act like you don't love the chance to stay by my side! Come on, don't fight it...
ERK: ...Rubbish.
SERRA: I knew it! My beauty should be a crime! Ah, but poor Erk, it must be hard to be you...Surely Eliwood and Hector despise you for getting the chance to be with me like this...They might send you to the front line to die, even!!
ERK: I am not too worried about that.
SERRA: ...Hm. Now what kind of an answer is that? You must not understand the power I have over men! Now listen closely, and I'll explain from the beginning...
ERK: That's enough! Why do you pester me constantly!? If you hate me so, why be around me!?
SERRA: Don't say that! I'm the only one here who understands your dark, secretive personality! You're likely to starve to death or get hurt and die if I don't look after you! I just stay by your side to make sure that doesn't happen!
ERK: It's the same with me. People find you so annoying, they probably wouldn't look for you if you disappeared...So I stay with you to make sure you don't...
SERRA: You...don't mean that...
ERK: It's no worse than what you said!

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