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Erk & Priscilla

Level C:

ERK: Lady Priscilla, are you all right?
PRISCILLA: Ah, Erk. I am fine. Thank you for checking on me.
ERK: Not at all. That is my duty! You...are not tired?
PRISCILLA: No... No, I'm quite fine, really.
ERK: Your feet are not weary? Your shoulders, are they not tense?
PRISCILLA: They're fine, really.
ERK: And your belly, is it full? Your throat...dry? Are you sleepy? Or bored?
ERK: Ah...yes, sorry. Hard to break old habits.
ERK: My last lord was a very willful child, you see. He would call me over the slightest things... That is the past now, though...of course.
PRISCILLA: I see... ... Should... I be asking you to do more, then?
ERK: Oh no, no, this is just fine.

Level B:

ERK: Lady Priscilla, might I have a word?
PRISCILLA: What is it, Erk?
ERK: It has been long since you left Etruria... Is your family not worried for you?
PRISCILLA: Yes, I suppose they are... But now that Lord Eliwood is looking out for me... I think I shall stay here a while longer.
ERK: Understood. If that is what you wish, I have no complaints.
PRISCILLA: Thank you, Erk. By the way...
ERK: Yes?
PRISCILLA: About your former employer... Was it...a woman?
ERK: Eh? Ah, yes, she was. She certainly thought of herself as one.
PRISCILLA: She was young?
ERK: To look at her, she was no younger than you or I, Lady Priscilla. But I'm afraid she was no where near as mature. But why do you ask? It's not something I like to think of much...
PRISCILLA: No... No particular reason. It was just something on my mind. Perhaps... Were, your employer...close?
ERK: Hardly! If that was a jest, I fail to see the humor! It makes me shiver just to think of it...
ERK: Of course!
PRISCILLA: I see. That's fine, then... I had no particular reason for asking, mind you.

Level A:

ERK: Lady Priscilla? What is the matter? You seem ill at ease.
PRISCILLA: Erk, I'd like to thank you for your service.
ERK: Eh?
PRISCILLA: I hired you to protect me... And your contract ends today.
ERK: Eh? that you mention it, I suppose it does. But, what do you plan to do now, Lady Priscilla?
PRISCILLA: in debt to Lord Eliwood. I intend to follow him until his expedition is ended.
ERK: Perhaps, you might extend my contract...?
PRISCILLA: No... Regretfully, I cannot. I left on this journey without my family's permission. Even were I to keep you on with me... I'm afraid I would have no gold to pay you.
ERK: I see... Then, there is nothing to be done about it. My contract with you ends now, Lady Priscilla.
ERK: Well, then. Shall we be on our way?
PRISCILLA: What...? But, Erk, you...
ERK: I have decided to join this troop to further my own training. I shall guard you, Lady Priscilla, as part of that training. ...If it is not an imposition?
PRISCILLA: Erk... Of course, it is no imposition! But...but then, I should think it odd... Um, perhaps, you could not call me "Lady"?
ERK: Well, then...Priscilla?
PRISCILLA: Yes... Yes, that sounds much nicer.
ERK: As you wish.
PRISCILLA: Now, Erk, I trust you will do your duty well!
ERK: As always, Priscilla!

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