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Erk & Louise

Level C:

Erk:Lady Louise!
Louise:My...Erk? Erk, is that really you?
Erk:Yes. Forgive me. It has been a long time.
Louise:Oh, I am overcome! How wonderful! You had only just returned from a long training sabbatical...And then you left immediately on another journey! Why, I've missed you so!
Erk:Forgive me, but I had an evil premonition.
Louise:You mean that business with Lord Pent? I undertand. But...couldn't you have just stayed a little while? ...Oh, I'm just so happy to see you...So you are fighting alongside this bunch, are you?
Louise:Then we shall be together! Ah...I will ask Lord Eliwood to place us near each other in the coming battle!
Erk:Oh, Lady Louise! Always so sweet and childlike...

Level B:

Louise:Oh, Erk.
Erk:Hello, Lady Louise.
Louise:When this battle ends, why don't we return to Castle Wrigley together? I've even renovated your room! Since I know how you like to study, I've lined the walls with bookcases, and the sunlight there is quite good...I'm sure you will like it!
Erk:I...Thank you.
Louise:And you seem to have grown a few inches, so we'll have to order a new wardrobe for you...I think I have a few bolts of cloth that would really bring out the color of your hair.
Erk:Lady Louise! ...Don't!
Louise:What is it, dear?
Erk:...I must thank you for your kindness, but... Certainly, I do not...merit you going to all that trouble...
Louise:Oh, Erk, why must you always do that?
Louise:Three years ago...Yes, on a snowy night...Lord Pent brought you home and said, "This is my student." You were only 12...You had such deep, purple eyes, sparkling with intelligence...
Erk:L-Lady Louise, now is really not the time for such old memories...
Louise:Hush...Listen. Lord Pent had only just become a mage general then... and he was hardly ever home in the castle. I was so happy to have such a cute young student around. But that student shut himself away in his room all the time...just reading his books. He didn't eat, he hardly slept, and soon, he collapsed.
Erk:I... I remember...
Louise:That's right. You never let anyone do nice things for you, and then you just fall apart! But I realized as I nursed you back to health...You thought of us as total strangers...You always spurn those who try to help you most...
Erk:N-No, that's not true! I could never think of you...of you or Lord Pent as strangers! ...But your love for me is so scares me, and I feel...paralyzed.
Louise:Erk, loving another person gives you the greatest joy and energy! You are so precious to us. From the time we met, we have all lived as a family...Isn't that enough for you?
Erk:...Yes. It is. You two are me.

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