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Eliwood & Ninian

Level C:

NINIAN: Lord Eliwood...
ELIWOOD: Ninian.
NINIAN: I... I'd like to thank you.
ELIWOOD: huh? What is it? Why the formality?
NINIAN: Lady Lyn told me... She told me... She told me it was you. You were the one who helped me one year ago.
ELIWOOD: Oh, that.
NINIAN: I apologize. I... I had lost consciousness, and I fear I never properly thanked you, Lord Eliwood.
ELIWOOD: Don't let it concern you. I wanted to help.
NINIAN: But still--
ELIWOOD: Hrm... Ah, I know! Next time you are free, show me your dancing! Not one of those little dances--something special.
NINIAN: A special dance, my lord?
ELIWOOD: Er...sorry, didn't mean to sound too forward!
NINIAN: No, not at all! I mean, I'd be glad to.
ELIWOOD: Great, then it's a deal! I'm looking forward to it.
NINIAN: Y-Yes. I am, too.

Level B:

ELIWOOD: In Pharae, every year, we hold a grand harvest festival. Everyone in the land comes to eat, drink, and dance.
NINIAN: That sounds like fun!
ELIWOOD: You should come, too, Ninian. Everyone would be happy to see your dancing, I think. The one you showed me the other day was truly beautiful.
NINIAN: Thank you.
ELIWOOD: My mother, too, loves dancing, you know. She would be pleased. At festival time, she dances all night like a young maiden. My father always clucked his tongue and shook his head, but each year, he would dance with her until the dawn. Ah--
NINIAN: ... ...
ELIWOOD: Forgive me. You...must think of my father often enough.
NINIAN:'s all right. I mean, not compared to you, Lord Eliwood...
ELIWOOD: Ninian, remember what I told you? My father's death was not your fault. You should not blame yourself, not at all.
NINIAN: But, Lord Eliwood... y-you're wrong. You don't know everything that...
NINIAN: I... I have been deceiving you.
ELIWOOD: Deceiving? What do you mean?
NINIAN: It is just... I-I'm sorry.
ELIWOOD: Ninian? Ninian, don't cry. I don't know what has happened, but I do know I never want to see you so sad.

Level A:

ELIWOOD: Ninian.
NINIAN: ... Lord Eliwood.
ELIWOOD: I finally caught up with you. What's wrong, Ninian? Why the long face?
NINIAN: Please, do not worry on my account. I... I am not worthy--I am not even worthy to stand in your sight, Lord Eliwood. I have been decieving you.
ELIWOOD: Yes, as you were saying before. Ninian... You have been keeping some secret from us?
NINIAN: Yes...
ELIWOOD: can't tell me what it is. Am I right?
NINIAN: ...Yes.
ELIWOOD: Very well.
NINIAN: What...?
ELIWOOD: If it is too hard for you to talk about, I will not force you. Just...if you ever feel able, tell me then.
NINIAN: But...I have been false... I have lied to you and the others.
ELIWOOD: Ninian, I love you. That will not change, no matter what may come.
NINIAN: Lord Eliwood...
ELIWOOD: I don't care what your secret is--I will still feel the same. If something troubles you, let me sweep it away. Please don't cry anymore. I would do anything to see you smile again. You are the first woman I have felt this way about, Ninian.
NINIAN: Lord Eliwood... I...I don't know what-- Lord Eliwood... Lord Eliwood...

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