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Marcus & Eliwood

Level C:

Marcus:Lord Eliwood! You are not hurt?
Eliwood:Marcus? Thanks, I'm fine.
Marcus:Perhaps it is not my place...But, Lord Eliwood, you should stay out of combat, I think. Let me deal with the enemy!
Eliwood:I'm afraid that cannot be. This is my journey to make. It is my responsibility.
Marcus:Lord Eliwood! Well, I cannot say that I am not impressed by your strength. You have truly grown, and for that, I am joyful.
Eliwood:Ah, Marcus, your sentiments are always larger than life.
Marcus:But it does make me lonely, you know. When you were born, Lord Eliwood...Why, I had just recieved the honor of knighthood. When you were little, oh, how you would follow me everywhere!
Eliwood:Stop it, you embarrass me, good friend.

Level B:

Marcus:Lord Eliwood...
Marcus:I have been watching your progress on your journey...
Eliwood:What is it? There's no need for formalities with me.
Marcus:Ah, it's just, I was thinking how much you've grown...Even on this journey, seeing you going off to battle, brave and strong. You have much of your father's presence.
Eliwood:You think so?
Marcus:I do. Mine eyes fill with tears of joy, truly...
Eliwood:There you go with the poetry again, Marcus. ...That reminds me of something my father once spoke of. Marcus, you went into battle by my father when he was young?
Marcus:Indeed. I was just a page at the time. But under Lord Elbert's command I swung my spear as best as I could.
Eliwood:And you fight by my side on this, my journey, as well.
Marcus:I made a promise to Lord Elbert. I swore to protect the lord Eliwood until his return. Knights of Pherae always carry out their orders, you see.
Eliwood:And Pherae owes its very existence to you, Marcus. Thank you.
Marcus:Thanks are wasted on me. I merely do my duty.

Level A:

Marcus:Lord Eliwood!
Eliwood:Marcus! It's good to see you are well--
Eliwood:M-Marcus!? What is wrong!
Marcus:To concern yourself with a mere retainer in the midst of battle...Even in such a horrid conflict as this one, still you have lost none of your heart, Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood:Your sentiments could make a mourner smile, Marcus!
Marcus:Take care of your heart, Lord Eliwood. You will need it to lead your people upon your return to Pherae.
Eliwood:Yes...let us all return to Pherae together. For that alone, we must win this battle. Should we fall on the road, my dear mother's heart would never mend.
Marcus:Do not worry, my young lord. I, Marcus, will defend you. I have sworn that Lord Eliwood will return safely to Pherae. And return you shall, to find a lovely, kind wife to lead with you. Then you will follow in Lord Elbert's footsteps. Then, when your child is grown and ready to go off into battle, I, Marcus, will be there to accompany and protect him!
Eliwood:Marcus...I know no knight of Pherae more worthy of the title than you. I thank you, as does my future son.
Marcus:It occurs to me...When Lord Elbert became engaged to the Lady Eleanora...Why he was the same age you are now, Lord Eliwood. As a faithful retainer of Pherae, I must make haste to find you a suitable wife!

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