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Eliwood & Lowen

Level C:

LOWEN: Lord Eliwood! Please, forgive me!
ELIWOOD: What? What is it, Lowen?
LOWEN: You must forgive me! I... I had no intention... I am sorry! Ohh... Were General Marcus to find out... I'm finished! Through!
ELIWOOD: Lowen? Perhaps you could tell me what happened?
LOWEN: Yes... Yes, my lord. ... ... It is that...uh... This morning, you see... Did... Did you eat breakfast, my lord?
ELIWOOD: Breakfast?
LOWEN: As I thought! You haven't had breakfast, have you!?
ELIWOOD:, yes, now that you mention it. I was busy, I must have forgotten.
LOWEN: I knew it! It is my fault--I overslept! And now Lord Eliwood has gone without breakfast!
ELIWOOD: L-Lowen, please. Missing one meal is not such a big affair...
LOWEN: Oh, but it is! this is a most unforgivable oversight! "If the stomach is empty, empty, too, lies the heart." You know the proverb!
ELIWOOD: Actually, that's the first time I ever heard that one.
LOWEN: Then you must remember it from henceforth! "If the stomach is empty, empty, too, lies the heart." Remember?
ELIWOOD: Um, yes.
LOWEN: Good! Then, I shall bring something for you to eat forthwith! ... ...
ELIWOOD: Lowed? What's wrong, Lowen! Lowen...! Lowen!

Level B:

ELIWOOD: Lowen! How do you feel?
LOWEN: Ah, Lord Eliwood! How embarrassed I am, to faint before you like that...
ELIWOOD: It's really no matter...but may I ask you something?
LOWEN: Yes! Your will is my command!
ELIWOOD: When you collapsed then... Was it really because you hadn't eaten breakfast?
LOWEN: Yes, of course!
ELIWOOD: Hmm...I see.
LOWEN: What!? Do you mean to say, Lord Eliwood, that you never collapse?
ELIWOOD: Not just from missing a meal or two, no.
LOWEN: Truly!? How very odd!
... ...
LOWEN: Is there something wrong, Lord Eliwood?
ELIWOOD: ...Just a passing faintness.
LOWEN: Lord Eliwood! Perhaps...
LOWEN: Perhaps you did not eat your breakfast? Ayaa! And after I had given you such a thorough warning! Wait right there! I will bring you something!
ELIWOOD: Lowen, wait! ... ... Hmm... I'd best warn Marcus.

Level A:

LOWEN: Ah! Lord Eliwood! How are you today? Have you properly broken your fast?
ELIWOOD: ...Yes, quite.
LOWEN: Indeed! That is good to hear!
ELIWOOD: Lowen, I've been meaning to ask you...
LOWEN: How was it--the taste, I mean? I was rather proud of my work today, I must admit.
ELIWOOD: Er... Wait a moment--The food I'm eating...You've been preparing it?
LOWEN: Why, yes!
ELIWOOD: esquire... Why?
LOWEN: My father was the chef to the previous marquess of Pherae... In other words, Lord Eliwood, he cooked for your grandfather. Until he through his back out, that is... Your father, too, acquired a taste for his cooking, you see. So when I had the pleasure of joining him on his tours of the domain, I always took it upon myself to prepare his every meal!
ELIWOOD: Oh, I get it now...
LOWEN: I am afraid I do not know your tastes, Lord Eliwood. Everything I have made up on this trip, has been things your lord father, Elbert, favored. I do hope you find them suitable to your palate?
ELIWOOD: For an esquire such as yourself to cook... With your patrol and watch duties, where do you find the time? I mean, you really don't have to...
LOWEN: Ever since Lord Elbert went missing... Lord Eliwood's meals have grown smaller. You don't eat! The Lady Eleanora and General Marcus have been quite concerned. Yet when you left on your journey and I began to cook for you, we found you would eat more... I've been cooking for you ever since.
ELIWOOD: Lowen... I had no idea!
LOWEN: Please, don't think of it. Seeing Lord Eliwood healthy brings us much joy.
ELIWOOD: Thank you. I will do my best to clean my plate henceforth, hungry or not! I meant to tell you, the food has been quite delicious.
LOWEN: Thank you, my lord!

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