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Eliwood & Harken

Level C:

HARKEN: Lord Eliwood.
ELIWOOD: Ah, Harken. How may I help you?
HARKEN: Please, allow me to speak frankly. Might you allow the fighting to be left in our hands from here out?
ELIWOOD: Harken?
HARKEN: Lord Eliwood, you are the heart of our army. When I imagine the worst that might happen, I think it wiser for you to remain at the rear of our forces.
ELIWOOD: You worry overmuch, Harken, I will be fine. Though...I am inexperienced in battle, this is true. And I apologize for giving you cause to worry. Still...
HARKEN: No, I did not mean to siggest that anyone doubts your prowess. Indeed, your arm in battle has improved by leaps and bounds since Pherae. I believe you are equal to even your father, Lord Elbert, now. Yet...still, we are concerned. I ask at that least you do not take any unecessary risks.

Level B:

HARKEN: Lord Eliwood.
ELIWOOD: Ah, Harken.
HARKEN: I hate to seem imposing, but I must ask you again, please, your safety is of utmost importance. If you would just refrain from combat and leave the fighting to me...
ELIWOOD: I thank you, Harken, but still... I have my reasons why I must fight. Until I finish what I have set out to do on my journey, I cannot think of escaping, or avoiding my enemies in any way.
HARKEN: Lord Eliwood, please...
ELIWOOD: Should something indeed befall me, look to my mother. She will be alone. You and the people of Pherae must support her.
HARKEN: sorry. But that I cannot promise.
ELIWOOD: Harken?
HARKEN: I could not protect Lord Elbert... Were I to lose Lord Eliwood as well, what right would I have ever to appear before your lady mother again? Should I lose you, I am prepared to lose myself in turn.
ELIWOOD: Harken!
HARKEN: You must understand, Lord Eliwood. your life is precious to all of us. It is more valuable by far than even our own lives.
ELIWOOD: Harken...

Level A:

ELIWOOD: Harken.
HARKEN: Lord Eliwood!
ELIWOOD: I must apologize... My selfishness has caused you much worry, I know.
HARKEN: No, nothing of the sort!
ELIWOOD: I thought a great deal about what you said. Harken, I am not entirely unable to understand your feelings. I know I have told you that my father's death was not your fault. Yes I know my words cannot change your heart. I...understand what you mean, how it would feel if you could not protect me either.
HARKEN: ... ....
ELIWOOD: But I have a goal to accomplish. I cannot look away from that. ...Nor is it something I can accomplish should I die. So, I will not, I cannot die. I will live, complete my mission, and return to my mother's side.
HARKEN: Yes. That is why you must leave the fighting--
ELIWOOD: The same goes for you, too, Harken.
HARKEN: My lord?
ELIWOOD: You are here to protect me, yes? you must not go so far that you fall and cannot complete your mission. I need you to live to the end, to help me on my path.
HARKEN: Lord Eliwood...
ELIWOOD: We will live, the both of us, and return to Pherae. Anything less would risk my mother's displeasure! father's.
HARKEN: My lord! I... I understand!

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