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Dorcas & Vaida

Level C:

VAIDA: Hm? What's this? No one here? I thought I was supposed to meet someone here! Those blasted kids from Lycia. They sent me to the wrong place! Well, no matter. I'll show those brats. Bloody moppets!
DORCAS: ...No one's here. I thought I was supposed to meet up with someone. Oh, well... I'm better off on my own anyhow.

Level B:

VAIDA: What is this!? Some cruel game? Who do they think they're toying with!? Bah... It was that Eliwood who sent me here! To meet his pal, Dorcas... The one with the pretty little thing fretting at home. So why'd he leave her, the big oaf! If I know men, it's because he's another scoundrel. I bet he's got a girl in every village this side of the mountains! Well, he's no hero at all, in my book! ...Where are they?! Grarr! I give up! What good are these useless man-heroes?!
DORCAS: ...Not again! But I checked the place and time... Vaida was supposed to be here... The one who betrayed Bern for Prince Zephiel... She would give anything to discharge her duty to him. They say she is pure, but a bit too idealistic. Ideals... Ha!! She must be young. Well, she's nowhere to be seen. Very well. Then I will return. I hope that young girl is staying out of danger...

Level A:

VAIDA: ......
DORCAS: ...? You...?
VAIDA: Yeah? What are you gawking at!? Are you looking for a beating?
DORCAS: ...... A "pure girl who is true to her ideals"... Surely it can't be her...
VAIDA: Huh? What are you mumbling, ape?
DORCAS: ...Nothing. I beg your pardon.
VAIDA: Hold there!
DORCAS: What is it?
VAIDA: ...... A scoundrel with a girl in every village... Surely it can't be him...
DORCAS: Did you say something?
VAIDA: No. Mind your business.
DORCAS: Ah. Fine then. So I failed again...
VAIDA: When is that useless man going to arrive!?

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