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Dorcas & Geitz

Level C:

GEITZ: Hey, you. Can I ask you something?
DORCAS: ...? Who are you?
GEITZ: Hmm? Oh, yeah. I'm Geitz. Nice to meetcha...
DORCAS: ...Dorcas.
GEITZ: So why are you fighting here?
DORCAS: ...Money.
GEITZ: Money, huh? Well, that's a fine reason.
DORCAS: ...What are you trying to say?
GEITZ: Well, it's just that I've seen you fight. You're pretty ruthless out there. It's like you'll attack anything that moves, and you only worry about your own neck. I was...impressed, that's all.
DORCAS: I...must return home alive. My family is waiting for me...
GEITZ: Ahh... I see. Then I am...jealous...

Level B:

DORCAS: ...Geitz.
GEITZ: Hm? Ah, Dorcas. What is it?
DORCAS: I realized something, watching you fight. You really go all out. As if you don't care if you live or die.
GEITZ: Well... You noticed well. That is entirely true. To be honest, I don't know why. Perhaps I still seek the meaning of my own life.
DORCAS: The meaning...of life?
GEITZ: Yeah. Why was I born? What am I doing here? Is there somewhere in this world I actually belong? That kind of thing. Have you never wondered about that?
DORCAS: Hmm... It must be nice to be able to worry about such things.
GEITZ: Nice?
DORCAS: I don't have the freedom to worry about such abstract concerns. Only work and survival matter.
GEITZ: Maybe so. Yeah, maybe you're right. I was born into a rich family. I'm smart, and I'm strong. The wheel of fate spins for us all, and I received more than my share of fortune's graces.
DORCAS: ......
GEITZ: What. Did you have something to add?
DORCAS: ...No, not really.
GEITZ: But I'm empty, you see. I don't have a purpose, like you do. But I know that it's a luxury to worry about it...

Level A:

GEITZ: Hey, Dorcas.
DORCAS: Geitz... About our talk earlier... I'm sorry. You saved me from a difficult situation.
GEITZ: Don't worry, big guy. I was just in the neighborhood. Plus, I don't want to see anyone die who wants so much to live. There's someone waiting for you. You've gotta stay alive for her, right?
DORCAS: Yes...right. ...Geitz. The meaning of your life... Have you found it?
GEITZ: Hm? Well... To be honest, I'm not sure. But things are pretty good right now. It feels good to fight...for something.
DORCAS: Yeah...
GEITZ: Let's go, Dorcas. We've gotta work for that money!

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