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Dorcas & Farina

Level C:

FARINA: Hey, you there!
DORCAS: What is it?
FARINA: I am Farina. I am the pegasus knight Hector hired.
DORCAS: I'm Dorcas. Eliwood hired me, too.
FARINA: For how much?
DORCAS: 2,000. In advance.
FARINA: Oh, I see. Is that right? Well...2,000 gold. That's quite a sum. By the way, my retainer is 20,000 gold pieces.
DORCAS: What!? 20,000 gold!?
FARINA: Ha. I win! Well...see you later. My, my, my... That sure felt nice!

Level B:

DORCAS: Hey, hold on there.
FARINA: Well, if it isn't my underpaid mercenary friend, Dorcas! Did you need something from your better-paid peer?
DORCAS: ...Tell me. What can I do to make money like you?
FARINA: Ha ha ha! No offense, but I don't think you've got what it takes!
DORCAS: I make do with what I can get. I need to earn more, though...for my wife.
FARINA: Oh, wait. I've heard about you... Your wife is sick, isn't she?
DORCAS: Yes... Her legs...don't work. I hope someday...she will walk again.
FARINA: Yeah, I heard about that. All right, I'll give you a little advice then. Just for your wife, see. I don't usually do this...
DORCAS: I... Thank you.
FARINA: First, you have to know what makes for a good mark. There are two kinds of people: rich ones and poor ones. Got it so far?
DORCAS: ...That's easy enough...
FARINA: Now, the thing about the rich ones is that... Dorcas! Write this down! I'll only say it once!

Level A:

FARINA: So, Dorcas? Have you scrounged enough coin for your woman yet?
DORCAS: Not enough... Not yet. But I save what I can...
FARINA: Right... Say, Dorcas, maybe you should add this to your purse.
DORCAS: But this is...
FARINA: Yeah, I'm sure it looks like a lot of money to you. You should be able to pay for that cure now...
DORCAS: But...
FARINA: Just take it. It's nothing to me. Remember, I'm making 20,000 for this job alone!
DORCAS: I-I... I am in your debt...
FARINA: Forget it. Making money is important, but it does no one any good if you get killed in the process.
DORCAS: Aah. Thank you... Someday, Natalie and I will be able to repay you...
FARINA: No, I told you to forget it.
DORCAS: You will get it back and more...
FARINA: Oh? More? Well, in that case, see that you don't die until I do!

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