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Dart & Rebecca

Level C:

REBECCA: Brother?
DART: Huh? Are you talking to me?
REBECCA: Oh, uhh...
DART: Ah, a case of mistaken identity? Forget it. No bother. Now get lost.
REBECCA: I'm sorry... From behind, you look just like my brother who ran away from home.
DART: ...What was his name?
REBECCA: Dan... His name was Dan.
DART: Hmm... Don't know him.
REBECCA: What is your name?
DART: I'm Dart! Mate on the Davros, vessel of the feared pirates of Fargas!!
REBECCA: P-Pirates!?
DART: ...Hey, now that's the reaction I like to see!! You don't just go walking up to any man you see and take his arm, missie!
REBECCA: ...Dart...

Level B:

REBECCA: Umm...Dart!
DART: Hm? What, you again?
REBECCA: My name is Rebecca. I wanted to apologize for earlier...
DART: Apologize?
REBECCA: For...being afraid of you... I'm sorry.
DART: Don't worry about it. That is to say, it's a rare woman that don't fear pirates.
REBECCA: I suppose so... But I'm still sorry.
DART: I said it's fine. ...Urp. Oog... The beast in my belly is growling again...
REBECCA: Oh! Here. Have this!
DART: What's in here?
REBECCA: It's a special lunch I make. Fresh fruit, roasted fowl, herbed bread, and...
DART: Urp...
REBECCA: Here you go.
DART: Uhh, all right, then. So now we're even? Is that fair?

Level A:

DART: Ho, Rebecca!
REBECCA: Ah! Dart!!
DART: Here.
REBECCA: Ooooh! What a pretty shell! Is it for me?
DART: Yeah. Thanks for the food earlier.
REBECCA: Well, it's awfully nice of you, but didn't you say we were even back there?
DART: Uhh... I didn't think you'd remember that part.
REBECCA: HeeHee. Don't look so frumpy! Thank you! I will treasure it!
DART: Er, yeah.
REBECCA: ......
DART: What's the matter?
REBECCA: I know I shouldn't keep saying this, but... Dart... You just look so much like my brother...
DART: Is that so? Well, who knows. Maybe I am.
DART: I don't have any memories of my life more 'n five years back... Fargus found me, bloody and limp on a pier, and I didn't know who I was... I'm thinkin' I must have leaked more 'n just blood out of my ears, you know? Now I don't remember nothin'!
REBECCA: My brother left home... ...Exactly... Five years...ago...
DART: It's just strange luck, that. Unless...there's more to it.
REBECCA: Well, he did have a scar on his right side, on his abdomen... from when he was gored by a stag in the forests of Pherae! Do you have a scar like that?
DART: Abdomen... That's over here, eh? And me right... That's starboard, innit?
REBECCA: Amazing... You really are...
DART: ...Hey, is this for real?
DART: Look, it's nothin' personal-like. I just want to be sure. I mean, I'd be glad to think you were my sister, but... I'd hate to find out I was wrong later, you know?
REBECCA: Dart...
DART: Aww, blow me down... Just call me Brother... Either way, I'll go back to me ship when this battle ends... so why don't we both just play along for a little while... Right?
REBECCA: Uh, um...sure. I guess...that would be... Yeah! Big brother Dart!
DART: Not...Dan?
REBECCA: No, I'll just call you "Brother Dart." You might not be Dan anymore, but you're definitely my brother! I'm sure of it...
DART: Rebecca...

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