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Dart & Karel

Level C:

KAREL: ......
DART: What do you want!? Are you trying to start a fight!?
KAREL: You smell the sea... Are you a sailor?
DART: What's it to you? I am Dart, feared member of Fargus's pirate crews! Know my name, and fear my blade, mate!
KAREL: ...... I just wanted to ask you one thing.
DART: Huh? I thought you wanted to fight...
KAREL: Tell me... Who is the strongest warrior on Elibe?
DART: That's easy! You'll find no one tougher than Fargus's pirates!
KAREL: At sea, perhaps. But who is the strongest on land?
DART: Hey! I don't much like the tone of your voice! But fine, I'll tell you. If you can afford it...
KAREL: Take what you want...
DART: Ha! Woo-hoo! Well, well, I'm starting to like you more already! Now then, let's see... I've heard rumors in many a port town. You'll have to confirm them yourself.
KAREL: Spit it out.
DART: Well, it's like this... Out on the Western Isles, there's a stone giant that men call Kelles. He's thrice the size of the tallest man, and he can swallow you whole, from your head to your--
KAREL: He's dead.
DART: Huh? Really?
KAREL: Yeah.
DART: ...Seems like I heard about him only recently. You must get news quickly.
KAREL: ...Next.
DART: Wait...I just remembered... There's a mage in Ilia who has the power to freeze your blood in its veins. He found an ancient ice tome that--
KAREL: Yeah, he's dead, too. About a month ago.
DART: I... Well, that's... Are you serious? How could you know that?
KAREL: ...Next.

Level B:

DART: Hey, it's you again!
KAREL: ......
DART: You wanted to know about the strongest warriors in the land, right?
KAREL: I did, and still do. But those whom I have met did not strike me as being very strong at all.
DART: Well, I remembered a bunch more. 'Cause you know, I felt like I hadn't given you your money's worth.
KAREL: Out with it.
DART: But hold on. I was hoping you could help me out, too. I am looking for a certain treasure in Elibe. If you know anything, please tell me.
KAREL: I'll tell you what I know.
DART: All right then, you've got a deal. Have you ever heard of the Princess of Swords?
DART: Really? Well, she's supposed to be gorgeous. She appears at tournaments and slices through her foes with ease. Then she just disappears. From what I've heard, she's looking for a man from her past.
KAREL: Hmm...
DART: Speaking of women, let me tell you about the Wyvern General. You know about the three Wyvern Generals in Bern, right? Well, she's a fourth, and she's mightier than the other three!
KAREL: Hmm... Interesting. I will remember her.
DART: Now it's my turn! So you've traveled all over Elibe, right? Have you ever heard of the treasure of the pirate king?
DART: One word!? You call that an answer!?

Level A:

DART: Hey there you are! I forgot one!
KAREL: What is it?
DART: You know, what we were talking about? The tough guys! Well, I forgot one, but now I've remembered it!
KAREL: Spit it out.
DART: I hear about this guy wherever I go! He uses a fairy sword and cuts people in half! He leaves behind only a mountain of bodies and a sea of blood. He is the "Sword Demon," who live only to kill! And his name is... Karel!
KAREL: ...Sword Demon?
DART: Yeah. You only hear the absolute worst things about him... Like how he single-handedly wiped out an entire army of knights! Yeah, but it's gotta be a myth... One against a thousand? That sounds like a tall tale to me, mate...
KAREL: ......
DART: How 'bout it? You're pretty good, but there's always someone better, right? Why don't you try acting all big after you've beaten him?
KAREL: I apologize, but I cannot duel myself.
DART: Hunh...? You're joking... No way... So you're the... You're THAT Karel?!
KAREL: I am only one Karel, but that is my name.
DART: Well, pucker my portside! Why didn't you say so?
KAREL: You didn't ask.
DART: So if you're Karel, then... Hey! Do you really have a thousand swords from the men you've slain?
KAREL: ...What are you talking about?
DART: Don't hide it! I heard all about it! That you laugh on the battlefield as you gather dead mens' swords!
KAREL: ...... I guess the rumors have embellished the truth...

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