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Canas & Nino

Level C:

NINO: Oh, hello, Canas!
CANAS: Hello. Why, you're little Nino, aren't you?
NINO: Yep. Sure am. What are you reading?
CANAS: Oh, yes... It's "Roland the Hero."
NINO: Who?
CANAS: Well, Roland was a hero who fought dragons a long time ago, about a thousand years ago.
NINO: Hmm... Sounds fun. I'd like to read it, too.
CANAS: You... You wouls? Nino... I'm so glad to have you in this army...
CANAS: You see, books take us to fascinating new places... Oh, I really do think you and I will be fast friends...sniff...
NINO: You don't have to cry...
CANAS: Here! would like you to have this book! And please, take any of these you would like!
NINO: But...look, I'm sorry... I can't actually... I don't know how to read. Nobody ever taught me letters.
CANAS: Oh...I see. Well, then why don't I teach you?
NINO: Really?! But...won't it interrupt your studying?
CANAS: Of course not. You see, teaching illuminates the minds of both master and student... I will teach you everything I can!
NINO: Yaay!

Level B:

NINO: Canas!
CANAS: Ah...Nino. You certainly look well today. How was the book I lent you?
NINO: Oh, it was great! I really am starting to like these tomes! Now I can even write the word "Fire"!
CANAS: ...Ahh, anima magic is quite wondrous... Its polished magic system and refined theory are quite elegant...
NINO: Oh yeah?
CANAS: My wife and I are magic users like yourself. When I look at one of my wife's tomes, it truly lightens my heart... Anima is the magic of nature... This communion with the spirit of all things unleashes the heart. This magic makes us feel free... The elder magic that I use requires great strength to master its forces.
NINO: Yeah, I think I understand... Sometimes, you look a little scary when you use magic...
CANAS: When I show my son the dark tomes, he just becomes frightened and cries... Perhaps our ancient lineage of dark mages will end with me... My mother has tried all sorts of hexes to prepare the child, but nothing works...
NINO: Hmmm... Is that so? And how old is he?
CANAS: He will be two this year.
NINO: What, he's not even two years old! What were you thinking! I'm 14, and I still can't read!
CANAS: Hmmm, maybe you are right. I guess my mother did pressure me a bit much as a child... But my brothers and I were all raised that way and we seem to have turned out well...
NINO: You've got to be kidding! Tell her to stop right away!
CANAS: Oh, all right. But since I am still on a quest for knowledge, I can't just return home now...
NINO: Canas!!
NINO: You shouldn't waste your time wandering when your son is at home waiting for you... He needs you!
CANAS: Oh... I feel so ashamed.

Level A:

NINO: Canas! Let me introduce my family. Just open this pendant, here.
CANAS: All right... Now, who's this?
NINO: That's my mother and father. I'm in the middle. The ones on the side are my twin brothers.
CANAS: ...What a lovely family.
NINO: Yeah. And their names are printed there, see? My father's name is Juge, and my mother's name is Iris. And that's my brother, Kai. Thanks to you, I know their names now.
CANAS: That is...good. But...this Iris... How interesting...
NINO: How so?
CANAS: Well, my wife had a sister named Iris. Unfortunately, I heard that she had died...
NINO: Really? Well, you don't suppose...
CANAS: Perhaps. You know, Nino, you might be our niece...
NINO: So my mom's sister... Does that make you my uncle?
CANAS: Well, it is not an uncommon name, but... Well, perhaps... It would be an interesting coincidence...
NINO: Hm. I hope it is true... Because, Canas, you are a really good person... You're warm and kind, like my real dad.
CANAS: And I would certainly be happy to have such a studious young girl like yourself as a niece... That would truly be grand...

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