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Affinity: Anima
Initial ClassPromotion(Promotion Item)
ShamanDruid(Guiding Ring/Earth Seal)
WeaponWeapon LevelAdditional Weapon after promotion
Dark MagicBStaff
 Level HPStr/Mag SkillSpeed LuckDef ResMove ConAid
Initial Stats8 2110 98 75 85 76
Max Stats(unpromoted)20 6020 2020 2020 2020 2019
Max Stats(promoted)20 6029 2626 3021 2820 2019
Promotion  +4+0 +0+3 +0+2 +2+1 +1+1
Growth Rate  70%45% 40%35% 25%25% 45%0% 0%0%
Joins inJoin RequirementsCarrying
Chapter 16x(Eliwood)Visit the house on the left side of the inn Flux, Secret Book, Vulnerary
Chapter 17x(Hector)Visit the house on the left side of the innFlux, Secret Book, Vulnerary

Canas is a must have on your team. He is the only one who can use dark magic, and when he's promoted, you got yourself a healer too. Canas has high HP and resistance with an okay magic, skill, and speed. He's other stats are also not too bad either. He can take care of himself with a Nosferatu at hand(drains enemy HP into caster, attacking and healing at the same time) and he is recommended for the final chapter against both bosses.

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