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Bartre & Karla

Level C:

BARTRE: So we finally meet again! Now it's time to finish what we started earlier! Now, come at me! And don't try anything funny!
KARLA: Hm. Tempting... But is now really the right time?
BARTRE: Do you think I care!?! You're going down! Now, raise your sword!
KARLA: Don't be hasty. Lord Eliwood has forbidden us from fighting amongst ourselves. Are you prepeared to return your retainer?
BARTRE: Grr... No.
KARLA: We don't need interuptions right now. Why don't we discuss this when the battle has ended?
BARTRE: Fine, we'll do it your way! But when this ends, be ready! Got it!?
KARLA: Why, certainly.

Level B:

BARTRE: Grarr! Come here, you!
KARLA: Ahh, dear Bartre... So you still live. What joy.
BARTRE: You thought me dead, demon?
KARLA: I admit I did at first. But I did reconsider. You are too stubborn to die.
BARTRE: I've lived through far worse! We will finish this next time! Remember that!
KARLA: You still wish to fight? You poor fool...
BARTRE: And you! Where is your will to fight?
KARLA: What?
BARTRE: You're holding back! And that is the greatest shame on the battlefield! I want to fight you untamed! Show me what you've got!
KARLA: I would be happy to... But, dear Bartre, you will die.
BARTRE: I'm ready to die! All to hone my skill! The warrior's path is not an easy one!
KARLA: Hmm... I like you... You're...interesting. Very well. Then I shall bring all of my sword arts to bear...

Level A:

KARLA: Bartre.
BARTRE: Oho! It's you!
KARLA: So you have improved your skills. I thought your words at our last meeting might have been empty...
BARTRE: Never! I will always strive to be best!
KARLA: Well... That is an admirable goal. With that attitude, perhaps someday you could best me.
BARTRE: What are you saying! You must become stronger as well! We must both raise our skill!
KARLA: Hm... So we shall. But there is no need for haste. And perhaps I could help you improve?
BARTRE: Enough, braggart! You're no better than me! We are the same, you and I!
KARLA: ...Except that I am a woman.
KARLA: ...What? Are you so surprised? Surely you must have realized this before now!
BARTRE: Er... No! I'm sorry! I mean, I forgot!
KARLA: You forgot? Whatever do you mean?
BARTRE: ...From the first time I met you on the battlefield, I saw a beautiful girl... But..after I fought you and realized your strength, I only saw the greatest warrior I had ever met.
KARLA: ......
BARTRE: Did I anger you?
KARLA: No. It's just...
BARTRE: Just what?
KARLA: Bartre, you are a good man.
KARLA: I will train harder, so that I do not betray your expectations of me. Farewell.
BARTRE: K-Karla. What was I thinking! That was the absolute stupidest thing I could have said! What's wrong with me! Am love? Wauuuugghhhhhh!

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