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Bartre & Dorcas

Level C:

BARTRE: Dorcas! So this is where you've been?
DORCAS: ...You.
BARTRE: Now, we fight!
DORCAS: ...What? I don't understand. Are we supposed to duel?
BARTRE: Call it what you will, but now we fight! There comes a time when every man must test his mettle! So far, I've lost 58 against you and won 57, and I won't lose today!
DORCAS: Fine. You know what? Why don't we just say that you won this one, too?
BARTRE: Idiot! How can you say that!? And you call yourself the toughest axeman alive?!
DORCAS: ...I don't remember ever saying that.
BARTRE: Wait, Dorcas! Wait!

Level B:

BARTRE: Well, if it isn't Dorcas! What are you doing here? Uhh... Is that a picture? Forgive me, but you don't strike me as the artistic type!
DORCAS: You're one to talk about looks... This is a picture of my...of Natalie.
BARTRE: Ohh. I get it. She's in the town square. Well, that's real pretty.
DORCAS: I'd like to draw her in other settings, but she still can't go far from the house...
BARTRE: Hm. Right, her leg. I forgot your wife was sick. So...isn't she getting any better?
DORCAS: She will...but it will take time, and it will take money. That's why I left here--to work and save money.
DORCAS: But that is my affair, do not concern yourself...
BARTRE: Well, that won't do. It's all for one, and one for all, is it not! I've an idea! Eliwood pays our wages, right? We'll simply ask him for more!
DORCAS: Don't be foolish.
BARTRE: Yeah, but he owes us! Or Bartre here will tear him a new hide! I've been meaning to match knuckles with him anyway!
DORCAS: Leave it.
BARTRE: Come on! It's the least I could do!
DORCAS: I don't need your help.
BARTRE: You just leave it to old Bartre!
DORCAS: I said no.
BARTRE: Well, I'll get cracking! You just sit tight!
DORCAS: Listen...

Level A:

BARTRE: I'm sorry, Dorcas... I...couldn't get you that raise we talked about.
DORCAS: ...Fine.
BARTRE: I went to go sock that Eliwood in the jaw... But he just stood there so calmly... He listened to everything I said, then he gave me some fool excuse. I couldn't even understand half of the words he used...
DORCAS: I'd imagine not.
BARTRE: Hey, are you calling me a fool!
DORCAS: Yes. I am... You are a fool, but you are a well-meaning fool. You make big messes, but your heart is good. And I thank you for caring about Natalie and me.
BARTRE: Nn... Maybe I've taken too many to the head, but what do you mean by that?
DORCAS: ...Forget it.

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