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Affinity: Thunder
Initial ClassPromotion(Promotion Item)
FighterWorrior(Hero Crest/Earth Seal)
WeaponWeapon LevelAdditional Weapon after promotion
 Level HPStr/Mag SkillSpeed LuckDef ResMove ConAid
Initial Stats2 299 53 44 05 1312
Max Stats(unpromoted)20 6020 2020 2020 2020 2019
Max Stats(promoted)20 6030 2826 3026 2220 2019
Promotion  +3+1 +2+0 +0+3 +3+1 +2+2
Growth Rate  85%50% 35%40% 30%30% 25%0% 0%0%
Joins inJoin RequirementsCarrying
Chapter 11(Eliwood)None Iron Axe, Hand Axe
Chapter 12(Hector)NoneIron Axe, Hand Axe

He is a good axe user with huge hp, nice strength, and ok speed. With an axe at hand when fighting with enemies, he can do a lot of damage. And with an okay speed, many times he can attack twice.

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