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There are 2 types of spells in Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara: Arcane spells and Divine spells. Arcane spells are cast by the Magic User and the Elf, whereas Divine spells are cast solely by the Cleric. Arcane spells are mostly flashy attack spells like Fireball and Lightning Bolt, while Divine spells are mostly curative spells like Cure Serious Wounds and status-enhancing spells like Striking. It's hard to fight large groups of enemies without some Arcane spells, and staying alive definately becomes a lot easier with Divine spells. Spells get recharged at every levelup, and you can recharge one spell of a given level by picking up a Spell Scroll. Characters gain more spells as they advance in level. You can get the alternative spells listed here by pushing start instead of the A button when selecting a character; You'll get a different looking character:

Default Magic-User: Syous, Alternatively, D'Raven (Sports a Green robe and a snazzy hat.)

Default Cleric: Greldon, Alternatively, Miles (Has a white garb.)

Arcane Spells

Spell Level Picture Spell Name Spell Effect Usable by
1 Magic Missile Up to 7 (depends on level) bursts of magical energy fly around, and home in on nearby enemies, striking them for a low amount of damage. Magic User, Elf.
2 Invisibility Makes your character invisible. This is a dual-bladed sword tough: The enemy can't see you, but you can't see yourself either. The effect ends the moment you make an offensive action. Thieves can find this useful, as they can backstab enemies with much ease. Elf.
3 Fireball Well, this is rather obvious. You throw a big ball of fiery DEATH at the enemy. It does intermediate damage, and has a nice splash effect to boot. Magic User, Elf.
3 Haste This is one of THE most useful support spells. It makes everyone act about 2x faster than normal, and lasts for about 30 seconds. When you have multiple fighters or dwarfs in the team, use it in a boss fight. The boss will be down faster than TD can crack a "your mom" joke. Elf.
3 Lightning Bolt An AWESOME offensive spell; it shoots out a *gasp* Lightning Bolt across the screen which zaps everything in it's path. But you can control the direction it faces until the spell expires (+-3 seconds) thus being able to zap almost EVERYTHING on the screen. r0x0r. Magic User, Elf.
4 Icestorm Summons a snowstorm which hits every single thing on the screen for moderate damage.. Useful when there are a lot of enemies. Magic User, Elf.
4 Polymorph Others Change one non-boss enemy into a harmless animal, disabling him from the fight. Useless, stick with Icestorm. Elf.
4 Wall of Fire Shoots out a horizontal jet of flames which burns everything in its path for damage. Rotate the joystick in a circular motion when casting this, and you'll perform spinning maneuvre, and THEN shoot out the flames. Magic User.
5 Cloud Kill Emits a cloud of poison gas which kills all lesser enemies on the screen. Undead are immune. Main reason why Syous is better than D'Raven. But it's a good spell to use before bosses, if regular enemies give you a hard time. Some bosses are immune to it, though. Magic User (D'Raven).
5 Conjure Elemental Depending on which side you face when casting the spell, you summon an elemental who will strike everything on the screen for a sheetload of damage. For Syous: Right = Fire Elemental, Left = Water Elemental. For Elf: Right = Earth Elemental, Left = Wind Elemental. This spell rocks. Save it for bosses. Magic User (Syous), Elf.
6 Flesh to Stone Shoots out a horizontal beam which instantly kills weak enemies, and deals moderate damage on strong enemies. Several enemies can be hit at once, if you can line them up. Area of effect increases with levels. Magic User.
6 Projected Image Makes several copies of you which surround you, making you effectively invincible. Also, it looks perpetually badass. Use with bosses, especially if forced into melee. Combine with the Dagger stab for a really good chance of getting that critical in. Magic User.
7 Reverse Gravity Throw several enemies near you upwards, then smack them downwards. It does some moderate damage, and it's a good spell to use when you are surrounded. Drops flying enemies down too. Magic User.
9 Meteor Swarm Summon several meteors which strike every single thing on the screen for AWESOME damage. This is the single best attacking spell in the game after Final Strike. Magic User (Syous).
9 Power Word Kill Instantly slays a bunch of enemies. Capable of killing weakened bosses, but as Meteor Swarm deals direct damage, so it's seen clearly superior to this spell. Magic User (D'Raven).

Divine Spells

Spell Level Picture Spell Name Spell Effect Usable by
2 Bless Increases attack power by 25% for everyone in the party. Handy for bosses, especially when combined with Haste which kills stuff so fast, it's not even funny. Well, it is, but meh. Cleric.
2 Hold Person Well, this is a no-brainer. This spell holds all living humanoid (aka, walk on two legs) enemies on the screen in place for a short time, which enables you to smack them up good. As soon as you hit, the effect wears off. Cleric.
3 Striking Increases attack power by 50% for a single target. This is effectively a 2x more powerful Bless spell, and CUMULATIVE, so try to use this for bosses and large groups of monsters. Cleric.
3 Continual Light This temporarily blinds enemies in front of you (providing they have eyes), making them helpless. Sticking with Hold Person is good idea, but you can blind certain bosses with this spell, which HP cannot, so leave the slot open. Cleric.
4 Sticks To Snakes One of the few offensive divine spells, this transforms sticks (why on earth do you carry sticks with you? - TD The same reason a mage carries bat guano - Maba) into snakes which bite enemies for low damage. Don't bother with this, smashing their faces in with a blunt weapon is still more effective. Cleric (Greldon).
4 Cure Serious Wounds Chances are you'll use this spell a LOT. This can heal a moderate amount of damage on either yourself or one of your partymembers. To heal someone besides yourself, stand next to the person who you want to heal and cast the spell, otherwise you'll heal yourself. Cleric.
5 Insect Plague Buzz, conjures a bunch of icky insects which fly in the same arc as the fire beetle enemies. Can cause lots of damage to bosses if you place it right. Tends to knock weaker enemies down and preventing further hits. Cleric (Miles).
5 Cure Critical Wounds The same as Cure Serious Wounds, except it heals more damage. Cleric.
7 Holy Word DESTRUCTIVE BEAM OF LIGHT.. falls from the enemies, hitting one, perhaps several enemies. Nice damage, but seems to pick weaker enemies at first, and some bosses are immune Cleric (Greldon).
7 Earthquake Frags multiple enemies standing on the ground with lotsa damage, and most likely knocking them down on the ground for coup de grace. More damage and more useful than Holy Word Cleric (Miles).

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