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Game Basics

Boss Name How it looks like? Info Exp Steal Loot
Gargoyle Magical beasts wounded only by spells or magical weapons. They appear as stone statues first, but they animate and attack you with their sharp claws. I say you run away instead of wasting HP/Spell slots. Although if you're willing to sacrifice a Cloudkill or a similar all-attack spell, you could end up with several scrolls. 2000 Earring 1gp to 100sp, book, scrolls, rings
Ghoul An undead monster with paralyzing attacks. Parties with Clerics can easily deal them off with a use of Turn Undead, but others may have slight difficulties. 600 Orb, 10sp 1gp to 10sp, Onyx, Hammer
Giant Beetle They like to make an encounter in tight spaces; A single hit is enough for them to fall and ducking for a while saves your HP from them aswell. 100 - -
Giant Scorpion Small red critters on the ground. More like a pest than a mighty enemy. Duck and slash 'em up. 100 - -
Gnoll (Axe) A moderate foe. Be careful, as that axe can really put a dent on a smaller hp bar, especially if you get surrounded. 500 Large or regular Burning Oil 1-3sp, Onyx
Gnoll (Bow) Pesky little dudes who appear to shoot a volley at you and then retreat. They're not too full of HP either. Block or dodge, better yet, duck! 500 Regular, Silver, or Burning Arrows 1-3sp
Goblin Small, easy-to-kill demihumans. They can surprise you with a stray sling stone or a burning oil. *Yawn* 200 Opal 1-2sp
Hellhound Fire-breathing dogs from hell. Fire resistant, obviously. They pounce and bite, and breather fire. I'd be on my toes. 1200 Large Burning Oil 1gp to 100gp pouch, Opal, Rods
Kobold Small, easy-to-kill demihumans. Generally, you meet these guys in large packs. They can surprise you with a stray dagger. Can block with shield. *Yawn* 300 Daggers 1-2sp
Owlbear Cute. A bear with an owl's head. It's still strong as heck, so watch out for it's claws and pounces! 800 Egg of Wonder 10sp pouch, Aquamarine, Short Sword
Skeletons Your basic undead enemy. Attacks include stabs and thrusts, which can surprise a careless adventurer. Falls under a single Turn Undead, but grants no EXP in that case. 600 - -
Shadow Elf (Bow) See bow-gnoll. Equally annoying, less clad.. 500 Regular, Silver or Burning Arrows 1-10sp, Aquamarine, Arrows
Shadow Elf (Fencer) Pesky teleporting hippies.. Watch out for backstabbers and slaughter them afterwards. 1000 10sp, Tiara 1-10sp, Garnet, Daggers
Shadow Elf (Wyvern Rider) These chicks ride wyverns and cast fireballs. Annoying. Either dodge these, or magic missile 'em down with a Mage. 500 - -
Trogdolyte I hate these guys. Not only do they have spears and fancy acrobatics, but they stun you with their stench and burn you with their firebombs. Definately annoying and dangerous if you're surrounded by them. 1200 Orb 1sp to 10sp, Garnet, Scroll

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