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Game Basics

Tips and Tricks

Game Version Differences

Earlier versions of the game made it possible that a mage couldn't cast his level 9 spell at all. Item hacking was possible, which understandably glitched the game up too. Some balance issues were cleared up too. The most recent release there is is the 96 02 09 release, so try to get your hands on that one for the most recent and bugfree version of the game.

The Name Game

After saving the poor townsfolk in the intro stage, you get to name your characters. Crassus.. Syous.. Greldon.. There are pretty good generic names for your characters, but if you want to maximize the benefits, here's the deal: You get a piece of starting equipment depending on what name your character has. I've listed items that you can get from the different types.

Type Item Gained
A Medal
B Boots of Speed
C Hat/Helmet of your chosen character. Recommended.
D Ring of Protection
E Ring of Fire Resistance
F Ring of Spell Turning
G Gauntlets of Ogre Power
H Accessories: Fighters and Dwarves get an Anklet, Clerics and Thieves get a Brooch, Elf gets an Earring, Mage gets a Rod of Fire.
I Accessories: Bracelet for everyone but Mage, who gets a Rod of Cold instead.
J Accessories: Fighters, Dwarves, Clerics and Thieves get an Orb, Elves get a Necklace, Mages get a Rod of Lightning.

Name Formula

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A B C D E 0 1 2 3 4
F G H I J 5 6 7 8 9
P Q R S T ?
U v W X Y -
Z &

Here's how the name game works. Let's say the name of your mage is Merlin. That's 2+4+2+1+3+3 = 15. Add the digits, which leaves you 6, and consult the following chart for your item type:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A B c D E F G H I J

That nets Merlin Type G, which gives him Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Now how cool would it be to start a game with, say, increased Lightning damage, or a Hat right away? (Hint: Type C names: Enya for females, Hiro for males!)

Spaces count as "0"

Ultimate Magic: Final Strike

Synn kicking your rears in the final battle? Feel like Meteor Storm isn't powerful enough? No worries! By picking up the Staff of Wizardry for your party's Magic User in stage 10-2, you increase his powers for a few fights, but the real trick is in executing the fabled Final Strike spell!


- Staff of Wizardry

- At least 3 Players

- 2+ Million XP

If said criteria is met, the Staff of Wizardry will glow an outworldly glow. That means you're pretty much ready to unleash it's effects. Be warned though, the staff will break after a single use, and your characters will be dropped down to a single HP. So, if you fail to kill any enemy (.. not possible, right?), you're pretty much DEAD. Ready for the instructions?

Line up the shot, have the non-mage characters hold down the ABC buttons, say something witty and have the mage push down his ABC buttons to have him break the staff and *Scene cut for cable.* What? It took me a year to witness the spell! I ain't gonna ruin it to you.. yet.

Highlander Mode

This glitch has the potential to screw up the game altogether, so I recommend not performing it. I'll mention it for the sake of completion. It's possible for a Magic User and a Thief to exchange headgear. This bug makes said characters remain at 1hp after any attack, save a few special attacks like bites, dragon breath, magic..

Like I said, it could screw up the game big time, requiring a reset.

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