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Each Weapon can affect Atk, Style, or some other statistic. If you go to the Styling House, you can improve the Style on some weapons making it easier to compete in the Best Dresser Contest. Weapon names in Yellow may be improved. Weapons are ordered by attack. The Sword of Ramias's attack power goes up when taken to the Stylish Smith. You can do this twice bringing the attack up to 145 and the style to 70.

Poison Needle-115Can kill instantlyArcbolt
Cypress Stick1020-Lifecod
Bamboo Spear 5051-Lifecod
Sharpened Bone11063-Dharma Shrine
Big Mallet 22010-5-Reidock
Bronze Knife-128-Cave of Dream Seeing
Stone Fang240123-Dharma Shrine
Copper Sword270139-Lifecod
Boomerang420155Attacks all enemiesReidock
Gent Cane-156Casts Healmore in battle Chamoro
Thorn Whip350187Attacks an enemy groupSan Marino
Stone Axe550194-Reidock
Iron Claw7002115-San Marino
Iron Cane850228-Gent
Poisoned Knife-2413Can stun enemies Reidock
Bladed Boomerang15002519Attacks all enemiesReidock
Chain Sickle11002713Attacks an enemy groupSan Marino
Chain Cross12002818Attacks an enemy groupReidock
Staff of Thunder-2924Casts Firebal in battleReidock after Mudo dies
Giant Hammer 1800306-Torukka
Broad Sword 20003316-Amoru
Killer Earrings-3532Attacks an enemy groupSlime Arena
Staff of Punishment-3520Casts Infernos in battleMedal King
Steel Fang 2000358-Monstoru
Morning Star30003814Attacks an enemy groupGent
Staff of Anti-Magic 60004018Acts as NullifyFoan
Holy Sword44004223Casts Firebal in battleGent
Battle Axe 43004915-Arcbolt
Flame Claw-5321Flame damage with each hit, Casts Blazemore in battleMudo's Castle
Saw Blade 980054-2-Foan
Spear of Glacos-58-10Casts Upper in battleGlacos drops
Moon Folding Fan55006030-Calcado
Platinum Sword-6045-Medal King
Ice Blade -6231Casts Snowstorm in battleSlime Arena
Magma Staff-6330Casts Flame Breath in battle?
Rusty Sword-6312-Ice Cavern
War Hammer 120006413-Secret Shop
Flame Boomerang 130006525Attacks all enemiesSecret Shop
Sword of Slumber63006528Can cause enemies to fall asleepClear Vale
Steel Whip 74006522Attacks an enemy groupArcbolt
Staff of Revival450006638Casts Vivify in battleDeathcod
Falcon Sword-6732Attacks twice Longadeseo Casino
Sword of Temptation98007051Can cause enemies to be confusedGandino
Magic Fang 170007325-Greed Town
Staff of Echoing140007442Casts Cold Breath in battleGandino
Zombie Killer18000805More damage to ZombiesSecret Shop
Flame Sword225008733Flame damage with each attack, Casts Bang in battleSecret Shop
Demon Claw-9029-King Merman drops
Dragon Killer-9535More damage to DragonsHell Crusher drops
Sword of Decimation290009515Can attack all enemiesGreed Town
Thunder Sword -9540Thunder damage with each hit, Casts Zap in battleTerry
Calbero Boot130009745Attacks an enemy groupCalberona
Demon Spear-9919-Deathtamoor's Castle
Sword of Miracles -10038Restores HP with each attackMedal King
Blizzard Sword 2100010538Ice damage with each attackDespair Town
Bow Gun3700011025-Greed Town
Sun Folding Fan2200011049-Despair Town
Demon Hammer1500011533-Greed Town
Iron Ball of Destruction-12526Attacks all enemiesGreed Town Casino
Metal King Sword-13040-Deathtamoor's Castle
Sword of Ramias-13032Thunder damage with each hit, casts Bikill in battleLongadeseo
Orihalcon Fang -13537-Calcado
Gringham Whip -14557Attacks an enemy groupUnder Water Shrine