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Recruitable Monsters
Slime Arena
Tiny Medals


Air WallRanger 8, Kadaboo 23Sends Fire and Ice breaths back at the enemy
BarrierSage 2, Kadaboo 12Heat and Cold damage down
BerserkHassan 14, Paladin 3Powerful attack with 0 defense
Big BangMetalbabble 8, Babs 14Does 400+ damage to all enemies
Blizzard BreathDragon 6, Mecky 30Ice Breath on all enemies
BoltSuperstar 3 , Ressa 15Damages one enemy
Chaos Dance Dancer 4, Suun 5Confuses a group of enemies
Cold Breath Beastmaster 5, Dragon 2, Mecky 5Does ~20 points of damage to all enemies
Crystal Breath Dragon 8 Exceedingly strong Ice breath on all enemies
Dark Lick Beastmaster 4, Goof-off 6, Marlon 7Reduces enemy's defense to 0
DazzleRanger 5, Superstar 1, Unkel 15Blinds all enemies
Death DanceDancer 8, Smith 25, Suun 15Attempts to kill all enemies
DefendPaladin 1Cover a single ally
DefensesRanger 6, Rocky 20Defend command on all allies
DeflectFighter 4, Dancer 2, Ressa 13, Jimmy 3Shifts damage over to others
DischargeBattlemaster 1 Vacuum based attack
Double Slash Soldier 7, Pierre 252 Weaker attacks
DragonCutBattlemaster 6Exceptional damage to Dragon enemies
Eerie Light Superstar 5, Ressa 5Enemies' magical damage goes down
Electric SlashBattlemaster 3 Electrical based attack
Entice Dance Dancer 1, Jimmy 10, Suun 2Causes a group of enemies to lose turn
Fierce BlazeDragon 5, Drago 15Fire breath attack on all enemies
Fire Breath Dragon 1Weak attack on all enemies
FirstStrikeSoldier 5Strike first in the round, but attacks is weaker
Flame BreathBeastmaster 6, Dragon 3, Drago 5 Does ~30 damage to all enemies
FlameOrbRanger 7Damages an enemy with intense flames
Flame SlashFighter-Mage 1 Fire based attack
FlasherGoof-off 4 , Kings 4Male- does damage Female- Stuns enemy
GigaSlashHero 6Does ~400 points of damage to one enemy (20 MP)
GiveLife DanceSuperstar 4, Suun 23The Superstar dies but completely revives everyone
Goof-offGoof-off 1Completely random effects
Grand CrossPaladin 8Does ~190 points of damage to all enemies- cannot be blocked (20 mp)
HideDancer 5, Battlemaster 3, Jmmy 20, Pierre 18The user will not be hit by physical attacks
Hustle DanceSuperstar 6Restores ~80 HP to all
Ice BreathDragon 4, Mecky 18 Ice breath attack on all enemies
Ice SlashFighter-Mage 5Ice based attack
JumpkickHassan 5, Battlemaster 5Does extra damage to flying enemies
Life SongSuperstar 8, Suun 27Revives all allies (20 MP)
LungeSoldier 4Attacks the enemy, but user also takes damage
Madante (all mp) Barbara, Metalbabble 6, Babs 7Massive damage using all MP
MagibladeSoldier 8, Drago 9Very powerful attack but misses alot- does normal damage on Metals
MagmaFighter-Mage 7 , Rocky 15Attacks all enemies with magma
MeditateHero 5, Rocky 30Restores 500 HP to the user
MetalcutBattlemaster 8, Drago 20Regularly hits Metal enemies- not for great damage though
MoonsaltSuperstar 7 Attacks all enemies
NullifyHero 2Removes all magical effects from the enemies
Poison Breath Beastmaster 3, Smith 5 Poisons all enemies
PowerUpSoldier 2, Unkel 10, Pierre 13Gathers power and the next attack is much more powerful
ProtectHassan 18, Toby 20Covers allies from both physical and magical attacks
QuakeRanger 4 Damages all enemies with an earthquake
RecruitMerchant 8, Kadaboo 15Summons an army to fight (50 Gxlevel)
RepeatGood-off 7, Jimmy 17Repeats the last action- rather unpredictable
RobMagic DanceDancer 7, Suun 10Steals an enemy's MP
RockSlideBattlemaster 7, Toby 30Attack on all enemies for around ~100 damage
RockThrowThief 3, Toby 10, Mokomon 7Minor damage to all enemies
SandstormThief 1 Makes enemies miss more
Scorching BreathDragon 7, Drago 30, Slalin 90Strong fire breath on all enemies
ScreamMerchant 5, Unkel 7Stuns all enemies
ShoveThief 4 , Toby 5, Kings 7Removes weak enemy from battle
SlownessSoldier 6, Robin 4A very powerful attack- target is random
SneakThief 6Encounter less enemies
Spin KickFighter 2 Damages one group of enemies- damage decreases with each enemy hit
Spin LickGoof-off 3, Marlon 2, Smith 5 Stuns all enemies
Spinning SwordBattlemaster 4, Robin 4 Attacks all enemies
Spirit PunchFighter 5, HassanThe most damaging physical attack in the game- some enemies cannot be hit with it though
StillnessDancer 6, Suun 20Stops enemy's dances
Strange JigDancer 3, Merchant 4, Marlon 15, Jimmy 1, Suun 2Lowers enemy's MP
Strike Weakness Fighter 6 Attempt to instantly kill enemy- does normal damage if enemy doesn't die
Stun BreathBeastmaster 7, Smith 18 Paralyzes all enemies
SummonSage 4Summons a random monster to aid you
Sweet Breath Beastmaster 2, Marlon 10Puts all enemies to sleep
SweepKickFighter 1, Jimmy 7Stuns opponent- works well on Metal Slimes
SwordlineFighter 84 punches on random enemies
ThrowSelfMerchant 6, Rocky 10, Toby 25, Kings 10Damages both the user and enemy
TossFiendFighter 7, Smith 20Attempt to remove enemy from battle
Toxic BreathRanger 2, Smith 10Damages and poisons all enemies
TransformAmos 15, Jimmy 25Turn into a huge monster
TremorSage 5, Toby 15Attempt to kill all enemmies
TsunamiSage 4Tidal wave hits all enemies
Vacuum BladePaladin 2Does ~85 points of damage to all enemies
Wind Slash Fighter 3 Wind elemental attack
WindUpMerchant 2 , Kings 5Weaker version of PowerUp
ZombieCutBattlemaster 2 Does exceptional damage to the undead