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Recruitable Monsters
Slime Arena
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Recruitable Monsters

lAll of these monsters can be recruited during the course of the game. To recruit monsters, you must have a Beastmaster and the wagon must be available. You must have at least one empty slot to recruit the monster.


Battle Rex: Drago
Drago cannot be caught- instead, after you get Terry, head back to Arcbolt. Inside the prison in the lower-right tower, Drago the Battle Rex Terry defeated will be waiting. Talk to Drago, and she'll ask to come along.
Max Level: 99

Drago is a slow leveler but is still a powerhouse. You can only get Drago rather late in the game so she'll probably be pretty far behind the rest of your characters in both jobs and levels. If you want to spend the time getting Drago up to speed, it'll be worth it.

Level Skill/Spell
5 Flame Breath, Double Slash
9 Magiblade
15 Fierce Blaze
20 MetalCut
25 Revive
30 Scorching Breath


Bombcrag: Rocky
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 30

Personally, I don't like Rocky. He has exceedingly low MP despite his powerful techniques. However, he is greatly handicapped since he can't reach higher than level 30. Rocky quickly outlives his usefulness. Rocky gains levels very slowly to put it lightly.

Level Skill/Spell
5 Sacrifice
10 ThrowSelf
15 Magma
20 Defenses
25 GiveLife
30 Meditate


Boss Troll: Toby
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Boss Trolls are very strong and have tons of HP. However they are very muchly lacking in the MP department. Don't even bother trying to make these guys into magic users. Stick with the Soldier/Fighter path, and you'll do fine.

Level Skill/Spell
5 Shove
10 Quake
15 Tremor
20 Protect
25 ThrowSelf
30 RockSlide


Dark Horn: Unkel
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Dark Horns aren't the most useful of monsters, but they aren't necessarily bad ones either. They learn very few skills but do have excellent HP, Strength, and Defense. Overall, this monster will become another fighter-type.

Level Skill/Spell
5 StopSpell
7 Scream
10 PowerUp
15 Dazzle


Furrat: Mokomon
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Furrats, like slimes, are good at the accessory classes since their stats stay relatively low. Their style, however, is higher than any other monster. For the monster competition in the Style Arena, Furrats make relatively good candidates- only Slime Knights can do better due to the Platinum equipment bonus.

Level Skill/Spell
7 RockThrow
10 Firebal
15 Sleep
18 Firebane
20 Bounce
25 Absorb
30 Firevolt


Healer: Healie
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Healers can be very useful- they make perfect priests and are the only person/creature in the game to learn HealUsAll which costs a steep 36 Mp. Since you can get one of these very early, I recommend getting one and placing it in the wagon for healing on long trips.

Level Skill/Spell
4 Heal
9 Healmore
15 Healall
18 HealUs
23 HealUsAll


Killer Machine 2: Robin
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 66

Killer Machines have very high strength, speed, and defense. Robin won't get much in the way of MP so magic using jobs aren't the best option for him. His naturally learned technique selection is rather slim too.

Level Skill/Spell
4 Slowness
4 Spinning Sword

King Slime: Kings
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Kings has both high HP and MP with some very nice stats to boot. Kings can specialize in pretty much anything that you want him to. He's good at everything, but not overly outstanding in anything.

Level Skill/Spell
3 Heal
3 Healmore
3 Vivify
4 Flasher
5 WindUp
7 Shove
10 ThrowSelf
15 Revive
20 Chance

Lamp Demon: Kadaboo
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Kadaboo is probably the best monster you could ask for. The only major drawback is that you can't get Kadaboo until you cross the Sea of Nothingness in Deathtamoor's Realm. Kadaboo makes an excellent fighter and an excellent mage. His strength starts out exceedingly high making him just that much better.

Level Skill/Spell
10 Increase, Bikill, Chance
12 Barrier
15 Recruit
18 HealUsAll
20 Absorb
23 AirWall


Lesser Demon: Ressa
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Lesser Demons aren't particularly spectacular. Their Wisdom and MP are very low so they should stick with the Fighter-based classes. They do learn some very helpful spells naturally, but, overall, they aren't anything amazing.

Level Skill/Spell
5 Defense, Eerie Light
8 Firebal
10 Bang
13 Deflect
15 Bolt
20 Defeat

Lipps: Marlon
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 50

The Lipps starts out with relatively low stats, but it gains a fair amount of Strength and Wisdom and very nice amounts of HP and MP. Since it can only advance to level 50, Lipps don't prove very useful rather late in the game, though they can make fairly decent magic users early on.

Level Skill/Spell
2 Spin Lick
7 Dark Lick
10 Sweet Breath
15 Strange Jig


Metal Babble: Babs
Difficulty to Catch: HARD
Max Level:

Getting one of these guys takes enomorous amounts of time. Metal Babbles have insanely high defense and agility- it starts out with 500 of each. It doesn't have many hit points at all though, but it doesn't really need them either. It gains only a few skills since it's maximum level is only 16. The Metal Babble can make a very good contestant for use in the Slime Arena.

Level Skill/Spell
1 Firebal
3 Ironize
5 Return
7 Madante
14 BigBang


Mud Doll: Jimmy
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Jimmy is a fairly well rounded monster. He has a nice amount of HP and Wisdom which can make him both a good fighter and a good magician. I recommend building him towards a hybrid job such as a Paladin or a Fighter-Mage to maximize in both areas.

Level Skill/Spell
1 Strange Jig
3 Deflect
7 SweepKick
10 Entice Dance
13 Increase
17 Repeat
20 Hide
25 Transform


Rotting Corpse: Smith
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 50

Smith starts with a nice chunk of HP. He can become rather strong, but I don't find him too useful since he can only reach level 50. If you really want to use him, build him towards the Battlemaster path.

Level Skill/Spell
5 Poison Breath, Spin Lick
10 Toxic Breath
13 Defense
18 Stun Breath
20 TossFiend
25 Death Dance


Slime: Rookie
Rookie cannot be gotten by recruiting. Defeat the H class in the Slime Arena, and talk to Sludge. After trying to buy your slime off you, he'll ask you to train Rookie for him. Agree, and Rookie will join you.
Max Level: 99

Rookie is alot stronger than your normal slime. He also comes with a couple spells. However, by the time you can actually beat the H class, Rookie is rather outdated. He's still very good.

Level Skill/Spell
20 Healmore, Blazemore, Firebane, Increase, Sleep
90 Scorching Breath


Slime: Slalin

Difficulty to Catch: Easiest
Max Level: 99

Slimes are very weak, but they do well in accessory classes like being a Thief. I don't know why, but I love these little guys.

Level Skill/Spell
90 Scorching Breath


Slime Knight: Pierre
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Slime Knights are very well rounded monsters with good magic and power potential. If you need help winning the monster portion of the Best Dresser Contest and don't feel like getting a monster up to some ungodly level, Slime Knights can win it rather easily since they can equip the Platinum Equipment for a nice +50 bonus. Pierre also gains levels relatively easily.

Level Skill/Spell
1 Heal
3 RobMagic
8 Increase
13 PowerUp
18 Hide
25 Double Slash

Super Tensk: Suun
Difficult to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Super Tensks are natural dancers. They learn most of the dances as they gain levels. All of their stats are relatively high making them good at anything you decide to make them specialize in. If you need another strong fighter, you can make them into one. If you need a wizard, they can do that too.

Level Skill/Spell
2 Entice Dance, Strange Jig
5 Chaos Dance
10 RobMagic Dance
15 Death Dance
20 Stillness
23 GiveLife Dance
27 Life Song

Wind Mage: Melby
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Melby is a Wind Mage and is very good with magic in general. He learns all the Infer-based spells naturally. His MP is quite high too. Melby works best as a Sage.

Level Skill/Spell
10 Infernos, Infermore
15 Firebal
20 Firebane
25 Infermost

Wyvern: Mecky
Difficulty to Catch:
Max Level: 99

Mecky is a very good monster to get. His stats are all very nicely balanced, plus he gains levels very quickly. His highest stats are his Strength and Wisdom. Mecky will end up doing very well in any job you want to give him.

Level Skill/Spell
5 Healmore, Cold Breath
7 Icebolt
12 SnowBlast
18 Ice Breath
20 Healall
23 Blazemore
30 Blizzard Breath