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Recruitable Monsters
Slime Arena
Tiny Medals


Absorb2Sage 1, Mokomon 25, Kadaboo 20Caster absorbs MP of all spells cast on him
Antidote2Muriel 5, Chamoro 10, Priest 2 Removes poison
Bang5Muriel 15, Ressa 10 Does ~25 points of damage to all enemies
Beat4Chamoro 21, Priest 5Attempts to instantly kills an enemy
BeDragon18Beastmaster 8Turns the user into a dragon
Bikill6Fighter-Mage 2, Sage 3, Kadaboo 10Doubles ally's attack power
Blaze2Barbara 2 Does ~15 points of damage to one enemy
Blazemore4Wizard 1, Mecky 23 Does ~80 points of damage to one enemy
Blazemost10Fighter-Mage 8 Does ~190 points of damage to one enemy
Boom8Wizard 5Does ~60 points of damage to all enemies
Bounce4Wizard 8, Mokomon 20 Reflects a spell back at the enemy
Caravan15Merchant 7Summons the last store you went to
Chance12Goof-off 8, Kings 20, Kadaboo 10Completely random effects
Chaos5Barbara 18, Wizard 4Confuses a group of enemies
Defeat7Priest 7, Ressa 20Attempts to kill a group of enemies
Defense4Barbara 12, Wizard 4 , Ressa 5, Smith 13Defense 25% down for a group of enemies
Dig0Merchant 3Digs a whole in the ground looking for items
Expel1Chamoro 10, Priest 1 Removes one group of undead
Explodet15Sage 8Does ~180 points of damage to one group
Firebal4Barbara 6, Wizard 2, Mokomon 10, Ressa 8, Babs 1, Melby 15Does ~20 points of damage to one group
Firebane6Barbara 16, Wizard 3, Mokomon 18, Melby 20Does ~40 points of damage to one group
Firevolt10Wizard 8, Mokomon 30Does ~100 points of damage to one group
Forget0The Hero 13Forgets a conversation
GiveLifeAllPaladin 7 Revives everyone with full HP- Paladin dies
Icebolt3Muriel 9, Mecky 7Does ~30 points of damage to one enemy
Identify1Hero 6, Merchant 1Gives details on item
Increase3Muriel 18, Priest 5, Kadaboo 10, Jimmy 13, Pierre 8, Melby 10Raises defense of party by 25%
Infermore4Chamoro 15, Priest 6, Melby 10Does ~40 points of damage to one group
Infermost8Paladin 4 , Mebly 25Does ~140 points of damage to one group
Infernos2Chamoro 10, Priest 2Does ~20 points of damage to one group
Ironize2Superstar 2, Hero 1, Metalbabble 2, Babs 3Makes party immune to damage but can't move
GigaSpark25Hero 7, Metalbabble 7Does ~300 points of damage to all enemies
Goldsniff0Thief 7 Tells how many treasures are left
Hawkeye0Thief 2 Lets you know where nearest town is
Heal2The Hero 4, Muriel 5, Chamoro 10, Amos 15, Priest 1, Healie 4, Kings 3, Pierre 1Heals ~40 HP to one ally
Healall7Chamoro 19, Priest 7, Healie 15, Mecky 20Heals all HP to one ally
Healmore5Muriel 13, Chamoro 10, Priest 4, Healie 9, Kings 3, Mecky 5Heals ~80 HP to one ally
Healus18Sage 5, Healie 18Heals ~100 HP to the party
Healusall36Healie 23, Kadaboo 18Heals all HP to the party
Lightning15Hero 4Does ~200 points of damage to one group
Limbo8Fighter-Mage 6, Sage 3Teleports an enemy away
Locate2Thief 8 Treasures light up
MagiWard3Paladin 5, Sage 7Effects of all spells are lessened
Mapreader2Thief 5Lets you know what dungeon you're in
MegaZap10Hero 8Does ~600 points of damage to one enemy (requires everyone to use)
Numboff2Chamoro 17, Priest 4 Removes paralysis of party
Outside8Muriel 7, Barbara 10, Wizard 5Teleports party outside dungeon
Reflect4Fighter-Mage 4 Bounce, except on the entire party
Remember0The Hero 1 Replay memorized conversations
Remembermore0The Hero 10 Reply more memorized conversations
Repel4Ranger 1Repels monsters weaker than the party
Rest0Goof-off 5Regenerate HP/MP but the user falls asleep
Return1The Hero 8, Barbara 8, Wizard 3, Metalbabble 4, Babs 5Return to a previously visited town
Revive20Sage 6, Drago 25, Kings 15Revives a comrade with full HP
RobMagic0Barbara 14, Wizard 6, Pierre 3Steals enemy's MP
Sacrifice1Sage 7, Rocky 5The Sage explodes doing massive damage to all enemies
Sap3The Hero 7, Barbara 2Lowers an enemy's defense by 25%
Sleep3Muriel 11, Barbara 2, Wizard 1, Mokomon 15Puts one group of enemies to sleep
Sleepmore5Wizard 7Very likely to put a group to sleep
Snowblast5Wizard 6, Mecky 12Does ~50 points of damage to one group
SnowStorm12Sage 6Does ~100 points of damage to all enemies
Stepguard2Ranger 3Can walk over damage squares
StopSpell3Chamoro 11, Priest 3, Unkel 5Seals spells of one group
Surround5Muriel 6, Barbara 2, Wizard 2All enemies have a harder time hitting
Unforget0The Hero 18Remembers a forgotten conversation
Upper2Muriel 5, Priest 3Raises an ally's defense
Vanquish15Sage 8 Attempts to kill all enemies
Vivify10Chamoro 13, Priest 8, Kings 3Attempts to revive ally
Whistle0Goof-off 2 Summons enemies
Zap8The Hero, Hero 3Does ~80 points of damage to all enemies