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Slime Arena
Tiny Medals

Small Medals

Tiny Medals can be found in chests, drawers, pots, and even on the ground throughout the game. Click on the Medal number to see a picture of where it is. You can trade them into the Medal King once his castle has been revived in the Dream World. A list of those items can be found here. This is the list of all of them:


1TorukkaDrawer in the well
2Tower of TrialsIn the room with 3 doors, take the door on the right, go up the stairs and look in the drawer
3Reidock Castle (Dream World)Pot in the kitchen
4San MarinoPot in back of the large housing area
5Reidock (Real World)Pot in the northwestern-most house.
6Amoru (Real World)Drawers in the house by the well.
7Amoru (Dream World)Pot in the Priest's Residence in the Church
8Amoru Waterfalls CaveChest on B2.
9MonstoruIn a chest of drawers in a house.
10ArcboltBarrel in the kitchen
11ArcboltPot in the training room
12Northern Lands Farmer's house, in a chest of drawers
13Northern Dream World TunnelIn a chest
14CalcadoIn a pot in the northwestern home
15Floating Island Barrel behind the bar
16Island southwest of Jamiras's CastleIn a pot
17Holstock Checkpoint Pot in the Inn
18HolcottaBarrel behind the Inn
19HolcottaPot in the stable
20HolstockPot in the kitchen
21Baptismal Cave In a chest, B2
22Baptismal Cave In a chest, B3
24ArcboltPot behind the locked door
25Clear Vale (Dream World)Chest of drawers in the southwestern house
26Clear Vale (Real World)Chest of drawers in the southwestern house (same place as the one in the Dream World)
27Wall of DestinyIn a chest
28Small Cave east of Clear Vale (Dream World)Under the grave on the right
29In a Well (Dream World) Check here for further detailsIn a chest
30House southeast of DhamaIn a barrel
31Small Shrine (Dream World)In a barrel
32Southwestern Church (Dream)In a chest of drawers
33Zaxon Village In a barrel next to Ende's House
34Well south of AmoruIn the house at the bottom of the well- in a chest of drawers
35Foan Castle In a chest of drawers
36Foan CastleIn a chest of drawers
37Well north of Foan CastleIn a chest of drawers
38Miralgo's Tower In a chest
39PescaniIn a pot in the Fish Store
40Well with the ShopsOn the ground near the Item Shop
41Underwater Inn north of the Stylish SmithOn the ground by the counter
42Sunken Ship In a barrel
43Home northwest of the ShipIn the tree
44Reidock Underwater CaveIn a chest
45Reidock Castle (Dream World)In a chest (Need Final Key)
46Floating Island In a chest (Need Final Key)
47San MarinoIn a chest (Need Final Key)
48Reidock Castle (Real World)In a chest (Need Final Key)
49ArcboltIn a pot (Need Final Key)
50HolstockIn a chest (Need Final Key)
51Slime ArenaIn a chest of drawers
52Slime Arena A pot in Champ's House
53Slime Arena A pot in Champ's House
54Poseidon's Castle In a chest of drawers
55Poseidon's Castle In a chest
56Glacos's CastleIn a chest
57Glacos's Castle On the floor in the drained room
58CalberonaIn a pot
59CalberonaIn a barrel
60Best Dresser Contest HouseIn a chest of drawers
61Grace Castle (Dream World)In a cabinet
62Grace Castle (Dream World)In a chest
63GandinoIn a pot
64GandinoIn a barrel
65GandinoOn the ground northeast of the bar
66GandinoIn a pot
67GandinoIn a barrel
68GandinoOn the ground in the Castle Courtyard
69Magical Cave In a chest
70Magical Cave In a chest
71Magical Cave In a chest
72 Underwater Castle In a chest behind the Killer Machines
73Underwater CastleIn a chest behind the Killer Machines
74Inn south of Mt. SnowIn a barrel
75Mt. SnowIn a chest of drawers
76Ice CaveIn a chest
77LongadeseoIn a chest of drawers
78LongadeseoIn a barrel
79Temple north of LongadeseoOn the ground in front of a grave
80Home south of Lifecod (RW)In the chest of drawers
81Lifecod Mountains In a chest
82Lifecod Mountains In a chest
83LifecodPot next to the Elder's house
84ZenithiaIn a chest of drawers
85ZenithiaOn the ground behind the throne
86Pegasus Tower In a chest
87Pegasus Tower In a chest
88Despair Town In a pot in the Inn
89Herbal Hot SpringsIn the skeleton inside the cave
90Despair Town Under a cross
91Greed Town In the garden
92Prison Town Sorrow Giant drops
93Prison Town In a pot
94Prison Town In a barrel
95Prison TownOn the floor on the eastern tower
96Prison Town In a chest
97Zuikaku/ShoukakuDropped after the battle
98Deathtamoor's Castle In a chest
99Deathtamoor's Castle In a chest
100Bonus Dungeon In a chest
101DeathcodIn a pot
102DeathcodIn a barrel
103Bonus Dungeon On a skeleton

Medal King Exchange

# of MedalsItem
15Staff of Punishment
25Ruby of Power
30Platinum Sword
40Sword of Miracles
50Sands of Time
60Mystic Armor
70Medal King Helm
80Mysterious Bolero
90Book of Dragons
100Sexy Underwear