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Slime Arena
Tiny Medals
The Slime Arena

The Slime Arena is quite the interesting place. After aquiring the Mermaid's Harp, you can access this area in the Dream World. But first you must open the flood gates. Unlocking the Slime Arena can be found here.

Treasure in the Slime Arena: Small Medal x3, Slime Clothes, Slime Armor

The Slime Town

There's one place of particular interest in the Slime Arena that alot of people miss. You'll find a slime-shaped door in the Slime Arena. If you party is compromised only of Slimes, you can enter. ( Having a Slime go here solo works too).

The Slime Town is the place all the slimes go to gather before their fights. The place has an Inn which can be found in the Church- the Healer will heal you.
Check the well in the town to find a chest with Slime Armor inside. Also, the house to the east is the Champ's House. There are 2 Small Medals in the pots in there.

You can compete in each class twice- the second time through, you'll receive a handicap lowering your current HP and MP making the battle more difficult.

Class A Prize: Hat of Wind Fee: 200 G
Fight 1 3 Slime Knights
Fight 2 1 Poison Carrot, 1 Dancing Carrot, 1 Mandrake
Fight 3 1 Skull Rider
Class B Prize: Bladed Boomerang Fee: 300 G
Fight 1 2 groups of Kedamon x2, Peep
Fight 2 Garahei x2
Fight 3 Stone Beast
Class C Prize: Poison Needle Fee: 500 G
Fight 1 2 groups of Wind Mage, Slave Soldier
Fight 2 2 groups of Lesser Demon, Healer
Fight 3 Fighting Panther
Class D Prize: Slime Armor Fee: 700 G
Fight 1 Wyvern x2
Fight 2 Dark Horn
Fight 3 Hell Viper
Class E Prize: Ice Blade Fee: 1000 G
Fight 1 2 groups of Barnba, Fusion Dragon
Fight 2 Curer x2
Fight 3 Haunted Mirror
Class F Prize: Killer Earring Fee: 2000 G
Fight 1 Heat Cloud, Living Dead, Orcman
Fight 2 Frost Cloud, Spotted Behemoth, Magic Fly
Fight 3 Axe Dragon x2
Class G Prize: Metal King Shield Fee: 3000 G
Fight 1 Megaborg, GiveLife Rock, Killer Machine 2, Hell Onion
Fight 2 2 groups of Killer Bat, Hell Jackal
Fight 3 Stone Hulk
Class H Prize: Book of Dragons Fee: 5000 G
Fight 1 2 groups of Last Tensk x2, Evil Wand
Fight 2 Berserker, Land Armor
Fight 3 Demon King
Fight 4 Champ

After beating Champ, talk to the old man and refuse all his requests to buy your slime- well, even if you accept, your slime will just get angry and refuse. After that, Sludge will ask you to train his new slime Rookie. Accept his offer and Rookie will join you.