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New troubles are unlocked after every chapter. Click on the chapter whose conclusion unlocks the troubles you are interested in.

After Prologue
After Chapter 1
After Chapter 2
After Chapter 3
After Chapter 4
After Chapter 5
After Chapter 6
After Chapter 7
After End of Game

After Prologue

Troubled Trouble Reward
Need a key!
20 Coins
  • Find the House Key just to the left of the entrance to the Lovely Howz of Badges.
  • Return the key to Garf, who is standing in front of the easternmost house in Rogueport.
  • In addition to the reward, the house will be unlocked forevermore.
Safe delivery...
20 Coins
  • Meet up with McGoomba in the back alley of Rogueport, on the right (behind Zess T.'s house), and get the Box.
  • Give the Box to the Goomfrey, the goomba near Frankly's house.
  • Return to McGoomba and talk to him for your reward.
Price adjustment.
20 Coins
  • Talk to Arfur, the Doogan, in front of the Trouble Center and answer however you want.
Find this guy!
20 Coins
  • Talk to Goomther, the goomba pacing around Rogueport Plaza.
  • Push the wall to the left of Merlon's place, and talk to Larson, the Bandit.
  • Find Larson to the left of the staircase at the docks and talk to him again.
  • Find Larson one more time in the back alley, on the left, in front of the messy house.
Hit me, please!
(See Below)
  • Talk to Mousimilian, the Squeek in front of the Rogueport shop, and hit him with your hammer by pressing B until he remembers what he forgot (It takes 11 times). Don't hit him more than that, or he'll forget again.
  • His tip, that you can buy Sleepy Sheep at Rogueport and sell them at Petalburg for a 2-coin profit, serves as your reward.
I'm hungry!
11 Coins
  • Bring a food item (Mushroom, Honey Syrup, etc.) to Bomberto, the bob-omb near the Save Block at the docks.

After Chapter 1

Troubled Trouble Reward
Try to find me!
Special Card
  • Talk to Koopook, who is hiding in Hooktail Castle in the room adjacent to the room you met Ms. Mowz in (with the large green block), on the small ledge to the left (the same ledge as the Life Shroom).
Mayor Kroop
Listen to me!
Turtley Leaf
  • Go to Kroop in Petalburg and talk to him.
Plenn T.
Order me an item!
Ultra Shroom
  • Bring 5 Courage Shells to Plenn T., the shopkeeper in Rogueport (You can buy them in Petalburg).

After Chapter 2

Troubled Trouble Reward
Puni Elder
Emergency Shroom!
60 Coins
  • Bring a Life Shroom to the Puni Elder at the Great Tree (You can buy them in West Rogueport).
Play with me!
10 Piantas
  • Go to the Pianta Parlor on the west side of Rogueport and talk to Lahla, the boo behind the counter.
Pine T. Jr.
Help my daddy!
Silver Card
  • Go to the Pit of Trials and fight your way to Level 18 and find Pine T. and talk to him.
  • Make your way down to Level 20 and exit the Pit.
  • Talk to Pine T. Jr. and Pine T. to collect your reward.

After Chapter 3

Troubled Trouble Reward
Help Wanted!
30 Coins
  • Pick up all 20 pairs of Battle Trunks in the Glitz Pit Storeroom.
  • Talk to Jolene in the Promoter's Office in Glitz Pit.
  • Talk to Goomfrey the Goomba near Merlon's Place in Rogueport and give him all the Battle Trunks.
  • Return to Jolene and talk to her to receive your reward.
Heartful Cake recipe...
30 Coins
  • Talk to Toce T., who lives in the eastern-most house in Petalburg.
  • Talk to Merlee (go up next to her, don't talk over the counter), who lives in the Charmer's Hut, in the background of eastern Rogueport Sewers (Use Paper Ability to get to pipe near Airplane Panel to reach her hut). Bring Cake Mix (which can be bought in Pianta Parlor).
The food I want.
Dried Bouquet
  • Bub-ulber can be found in Western Petalburg. Bring him two Hot Dogs (can be bought in Glitzville) and a Mousse Cake (have Zess T. cook some Cake Mix, which can be bought in the Pianta Parlor).
  • After completing this trouble, you can get additional Dried Bouquets by bringing Bub-ulber Hot Dogs.

After Chapter 4

Troubled Trouble Reward
Elusive badge!
Attack FX B
  • Go to Hooktail Castle and return to the room where you fought Hooktail, and have Flurrie blow to uncover the hidden chest in the center of the room containing the Attack FX B badge.
  • Give this to Ms. Mowz on Zess T.'s roof (to the left of the Lovely Howz of Badges entrance).
  • Ms. Mowz will also join your party after you fulfill this trouble.
Mayor Dour
30 Coins
  • Go to Mayor Dour in Twilight Town and pick up the Routing Slip.
  • Go to the Great Tree and show the Routing Slip to the Puni Elder.
  • Go to Petalburg and show the Routing Slip to Mayor Kroop.
  • Return the slip to Mayor Dour for your reward.
Zess T.
Seeking legendary book!
Honey Shroom
  • In the foyer of the Creepy Steeple, roll into a tube and go into the room just above the entrance and find the Cookbook.
  • Give this to Zess T. to collect your reward.
  • After completing this trouble, Zess T. will be able to cook with two ingredients at once.

After Chapter 5

Troubled Trouble Reward
Tell that person...
Meteor Meal
  • Talk to Eve the mother of the three kids, who lives in the westernmost house in East Twilight Town.
  • Talk to Podley in the Chuckola Bar beneath the inn in Rogueport.
  • Return to Eve and answer however you'd like to pick up your reward.
Goom Goom
Looking for a gal!
Couple's Cake
  • Talk to Goom Goom, who is in the storeroom in Pirate's Grotto on Keelhaul Key (The room with barrels where you found the Grotto Key), with Goombella as your partner.

After Chapter 6

Troubled Trouble Reward
Important thing!
Gold Card
  • Talk to Frankie near the fountain in the flower field in West Rogueport.
  • Find the Wedding Ring in the easternmost corner of Rogueport (Have Yoshi cross the canal to reach it)
  • Return the ring to Frankie for your reward.
Chef Shimi
Get these ingredients!
40 Coins
  • Gather a Golden Leaf (From Golden Tree in Creepy Steeple), a Mystic Egg (Ask Petuni "Mario likes which person the most?") and a Keel Mango (From Mango tree east of town on Keelhaul Key.
  • Bring these three things to Chef Shimi on the Excess Express for your reward.
I must have that book.
Platinum Card
  • Go to the Glitz Pit and talk to Jolene and pick up the Wrestling Mag from her.
  • Return it to Toodles in Poshley Heights for your reward.
Security code...
Hot Sauce
  • Talk to the businessman in Glitzville near the Hot Dog Stand.
  • Give him the number of chairs in Kroop's House (2), then Flurrie's House (6), then Don Pianta's Office (2), then Toodles' House (5).
  • After solving this trouble, you can buy Hot Sauce from the businessman any time for 10 coins a pop.

After Chapter 7

Troubled Trouble Reward
Delivery Please!
64 Coins
  • Go to Goldbob in Poshley Heights, pick up the Package, and go to deliver it to General White at his house in Fahr Outpost.
  • Talk to the guy at General White's house, then go to Chuckola Bar in Rogueport and talk to Podley.
  • Talk to the barkeep in Glitzville's Juice Bar, then go back and talk to Goldbob again.
  • Go back to General White's house in Fahr Outpost, wake him up, give him the Package.
  • Return to Goldbob in Poshley Heights and pick up the reward.
I can't speak!
20 Coins
  • Bring Honey Candy to Gob in Fahr Outpost (near the Snowman).
I wanna meet Luigi!
Choco Cake
  • Talk to Todia in Poshley Heights near the fountain while wearing the L Emblem Badge.

After End of Game

Troubled Trouble Reward
Doe T.
Roust these cads!
20 Coins
  • Find Doe T. in Boggly Woods, one screen left of the screen that leads to the Great Tree's Entrance and defeat all the enemies in the area.
Help me make up.
3 Coins
  • Talk to Bub in Poshley Heights near Poshley Sanctum, and choose Shroom Cake, Fright Mask or Keel Mango when prompted.
  • Go and get whichever item you chose, then talk to Bub again to get the Present.
  • Bring the Present to Sylvia at her house in Poshley Heights, then talk to Bub one more time.
Erase that graffiti!
Snow Bunny
  • Talk to Swob near cannon statue in Fahr Outpost.
  • Go to 50th floor of the Pit of 100 Trials and blow up the grafitti on the wall with Bobbery.
  • Talk to Swob again to collect your reward.