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Status Effects

There is an x with a number above Mario or his partner when he or she is inflicted with a status effect. This number indicates how many rounds that effect will last.
You can cure negative status effects with a Tasty Tonic, Fresh Juice, Sweet Treat or Sweet Feast.
I have only listed ways Mario and his partners can cause a status effect, not the enemies that may employ the status effect.
The negative effects are listed directly below. Click here for the positive effects.

Negative Status Effects

Name Caused By Description
Allergic - The character's status effects will be dispelled, and the character can't be affected by any other status effects until this effect wears off.
Burning Mario's Fire Drive, Vivian's Shade Fist and Fiery Jinx The character will be on fire and lose 1 HP per round for a few rounds.
Confuse Ruin Powder, Vivian's Infatuate The character will be confused and may follow battle commands, but may do random commands, which include attacking allies, instead.
Dizzy Dizzy Dial, Ms. Mowz' Tease The character will be dazed, which will lower their accuracy for a few rounds.
Frozen Ice Storm, Icicle Pop, Snow Bunny, Zess Frappe, Mario's Ice Smash The character will be frozen and unable to move for a few rounds. Also, 1 HP will be lost when the character breaks free of the ice.
Poison Poison Shroom The character will lose 1 HP per round. This status effect often lasts 9 rounds.
Shrink Mini Mr. Mini, Mario's Shrink Stomp The character's attack power will be diminished by 2 for a few rounds.
Sleepy Sleepy Sheep, Peach Tart, Love Pudding, Mario's Sleepy Stomp The character will be asleep and unable to move for a few rounds. A sleeping character is awakened when attacked.
Soft Mr. Softener, Heartful Cake, Shroom Broth, Mario's Soft Stomp The character's defense will be reduced for a few rounds.
Stop Stopwatch, Time Out Time will stop for a character and he or she will be unable to move for a few rounds.

Positive Status Effects

Name Caused By Description
Attack Up Power Lift The character's Attack Power will be increased for a few rounds.
Big Power Punch The character will wake up to find themselves transformed into Tom Hanks... er... they will actually just grow, which will temporarily increase their Attack Power by 2.
Charged Charge, Hot Sauce, Spicy Pasta The power of the next attack the character inflicts will be increased by 2 for each time the character has charged since attacking (Hot Sauce and Spicy Pasta only increase the Attack Power by 1. Also, certain enemies can increase their attack power by more than 2 per charge).
Defense Up Power Lift The character's Defense Power will be increased for a few rounds.
Dodgy Boo's Sheet, Peach Tart, Flurrie's Dodgy Fog, Lucky Start Badge The character's evade rate will greatly increase for a few rounds.
Electrified Volt Shroom, Peach Tart, Love Pudding, Zap Tap Badge, Lucky Start Badge Somebody that directly attacks an electrified character (ie touches him while they attack), will receive slight damage. The effect lasts a couple of rounds with the Volt Shroom, but is permanent with the Zap Tap Badge.
Fast Goombella's Rally Wink The character will be able to attack twice per round. Rally Wink only gives this status for the current round.
FP Raise Gradual Syrup, Lucky Start Badge The character will gain 2 FP per round for a few rounds (10 rounds when using the Gradual Syrup).
HP Raise Slow Shroom, Couple's Cake, Meteor Meal, Shroom Broth, Lucky Start Badge The character will gain 2 HP per round for a few rounds (10 rounds when using the Slow Shroom).
Invisible Boo's Sheet, Love Pudding The character will be transparent for a round. An invisible character cannot be damaged by any attack.
Payback Spite Pouch, Bobbery's Hold Fast, Return Postage Badge For a few rounds, any direct attacks will cause half the damage inflicted to be recipricated on the attacker. With the Return Postage Badge, this effect is permanent.

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