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Pit of 100 Trials

Beneath the city of Rogueport, there is a devious optional dungeon known as the Pit of 100 Trials. As the name suggests, it is a pit, and there are 100 Trials to overcome (Well, the real number is 91 (less if you consider the Movers), but I digress.
The Pit contains 100 floors... most floors contain a single enemy (many of which are found nowhere else but the Pit) and nothing else. To advance to the next floor, you must win that floor's battle, which will reveal a pipe. Of course, the battles, like battles outside the Pit, contain more than just the enemy you see. There is a different pool of enemies for each group of 9 floors that have enemies (for instance, Floors 1-9 have a different pool of enemies than Floors 11-19, etc.), although, obviously, each battle will consist of at least one of the enemy you engaged outside of battle.
The floors that are multiples of 10 (Floor 10, 20, 30, etc.) do not have enemies, but treasures instead. Occasionally, Charlieton will be found on these floors as well, and will sell you some items, although the deeper you are, the higher his prices will be, as you can see from the table below...
Sometimes, you find funny little Puniesque creatures called Movers instead of enemies on a floor. These guys appear randomly, and will offer to move you down two floors for 10 Coins, down 5 floors for 30 Coins or back to the entrance for 10 Coins. This is useful in making quick progress, or if you need to leave ASAP.
Floor 100 contains also contains a treasure, but something else too... Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what it is... IF YOU DARE!!! BWA HA HA!!!

Charlieton's Shop - Contents of the Pit's Levels - Floor 100


If you're planning on making it all the way through the Pit, you need to be at a reasonably high level. I would suggest somewhere around the area of Level 30, give or take a couple levels, if you want to stand a reasonable chance.

Items will quickly become your best friends. It is strongly suggested that you fight your way down to Floor 50, get the Strange Sack, then exit before you plan on tackling the entire Pit... being able to carry 20 items is very, very helpful. Also, don't clog your inventory with chump items like Super Shrooms and stuff. Ultra Shrooms and Jammin' Mushrooms should fill up your inventory, at the very least (Jelly Ultras and stuff like Zess Deluxes are even better). Also, have a few Life Shrooms on hand in case of emergencies.

Your choice of Badges is extremely vital to your success. Some Badges that will make your job easier are Lucky Start, All or Nothing, Power Plus (P), Spike Shield, Quick Change, Jumpman, etc. First Attack and Bump Attack Badges don't work here, so don't even try them.

If you encounter a Mover, take advantage of it. 30 coins is a small price to pay to skip 5 Floors. (Just don't skip a floor that contains one of your prizes!)

If you're on the verge of dying, and you're almost out of supplies, there is no shame in exiting and regrouping before heading back to the Pit. Sure, you'll lose all your progress, but you'll be able to keep the experience and Badges you've won, which is better than if you had died.

Use Star Power to heal instead of items whenever possible. And to keep your Star Power up, use Stylish Moves. The Unsimplifier badge helps too. Also, you can stock up on tons of Super Appeal Badges, equip them all, and appeal to gain ridiculous amounts of Star Power per appeal.

If you want to be cheap, you can employ the notorious "Danger Mario" strategy, which basically involves transferring all of Mario's stats to Badge Points with Chet Rippo, equipping as many Power Rush Badges as possible, then decreasing Mario's HP to 5 (by jumping in water over and over or something. This will allow Mario to do disgustingly large amounts of damage... enough where you should be able to defeat all enemies in a single round. Mario can be in trouble if the enemies get a First Strike, so it might be wise to use a Chill Out Badge with this strategy.

Charlieton's Shop

- Item Price
Floor 10
Mushroom 10
Super Shroom 30
Honey Syrup 10
Maple Syrup 40
Fire Flower 20
Thunder Rage 40
Floor 20
Mushroom 15
Super Shroom 45
Honey Syrup 15
Maple Syrup 60
Fire Flower 30
Thunder Rage 60
Floor 30
Mushroom 20
Super Shroom 60
Honey Syrup 20
Maple Syrup 80
Fire Flower 40
Thunder Rage 80
Floor 40
Mushroom 25
Super Shroom 75
Honey Syrup 25
Maple Syrup 100
Fire Flower 50
Thunder Rage 100
Floor 50
Mushroom 30
Super Shroom 90
Honey Syrup 30
Maple Syrup 120
Fire Flower 60
Thunder Rage 120
Floor 60
Mushroom 35
Super Shroom 105
Honey Syrup 35
Maple Syrup 140
Fire Flower 70
Thunder Rage 140
Floor 70
Mushroom 40
Super Shroom 120
Honey Syrup 40
Maple Syrup 160
Fire Flower 80
Thunder Rage 160
Floor 80
Mushroom 45
Super Shroom 135
Honey Syrup 45
Maple Syrup 180
Fire Flower 90
Thunder Rage 180
Floor 90
Mushroom 50
Super Shroom 150
Honey Syrup 50
Maple Syrup 200
Fire Flower 100
Thunder Rage 200

Floor 1-10
Gloomba, Spinia, Spania, Dull Bones, Fuzzy

The first floors should be super-easy. No real strategy is needed. Try to defeat enemies as quickly as possible, but try not to use up too much FP. Earth Tremor is nice here.

Floor Contents
1 Gloomba
2 Spinia
3 Spania
4 Dull Bones
5 Fuzzy
6 Gloomba
7 Spinia
8 Spania
9 Dull Bones
10 Sleepy Stomp Badge

Floor 11-20
Paragloomba, Cleft, Pokey, Dark Puff, Pider

Still pretty easy. The same strategy as the last 10 floors should still work here.

Floor Contents
11 Paragloomba
12 Cleft
13 Pokey
14 Dark Puff
15 Pider
16 Paragloomba
17 Cleft
18 Pokey
19 Dark Puff
20 Fire Drive Badge

Floor 21-30
Spiky Gloomba, Bandit, Lakitu, Bob-omb, Boo

These floors are a tiny bit tougher, but still nothing you can't handle, right?

Floor Contents
21 Spiky Gloomba
22 Bandit
23 Lakitu
24 Bob-omb
25 Boo
26 Spiky Gloomba
27 Bandit
28 Lakitu
29 Bob-omb
30 Zap Tap Badge

Floor 31-40
Dark Koopa, Hyper Cleft, Parabuzzy, Shady Koopa, Flower Fuzzy

Goombella is a good choice for partner here, since she can help by flipping Dark Koopas, Parabuzzies and Shady Koopas. Just remember not to end a round with a flipped Shady Koopa, since it has that powerful attack it does on its back...

Floor Contents
31 Dark Koopa
32 Hyper Cleft
33 Parabuzzy
34 Shady Koopa
35 Flower Fuzzy
36 Dark Koopa
37 Hyper Cleft
38 Parabuzzy
39 Shady Koopa
40 Pity Flower Badge

Floor 41-50
D. Paratroopa, Bulky Bob-omb, Lava Bubble, Poison Pokey, S. Parabuzzy

Things start to get a little tougher here. If a Bulky Bob-omb gets a chance to raise its defense before you defeat it, Ms. Mowz is useful in taking it out. Remember not to jump on Lava Bubbles unless you have the Ice Power Badge equipped. Also, the Spike Shield Badge helps immensely with S. Parabuzzies.

Floor Contents
41 D. Paratroopa
42 Bulky Bob-omb
43 Lava Bubble
44 Poison Pokey
45 S. Parabuzzy
46 D. Paratroopa
47 Bulky Bob-omb
48 Lava Bubble
49 Poison Pokey
50 Strange Sack, Grafitti*

*The Grafitti is relevent for the "Erase that graffiti!" Trouble.

Floor 51-60
Badge Bandit, Ice Puff, Dark Boo, Red Chomp, Moon Cleft

Badge Bandits are annoying, but aren't particularly dangerous. Red Chomps and Moon Clefts can be tough though. Ms. Mowz helps against the Red Chomps, as does the Piercing Blow Badge. Moon Clefts should be flipped with Bobbery, otherwise they're very dangerous.

Floor Contents
51 Badge Bandit
52 Ice Puff
53 Dark Boo
54 Red Chomp
55 Moon Cleft
56 Badge Bandit
57 Ice Puff
58 Dark Boo
59 Red Chomp
60 Double Dip Badge

Floor 61-70
Dark Lakitu, Dry Bones, Dark Wizzerd, Frost Piranha, Dark Craw

By now, the enemies are pretty tough. At this point in the Pit, don't be too shy about using FP attacks. You did bring plenty of Jammin' Jellies, didn't you? If a Dark Wizzerd is on fire (from Vivian) when he splits, the fire will damage him, removing his doppelgangers. The Dark Craw, which you remember from Glitzville, is still pretty tough. Try to defeat them as quickly as possible.

Floor Contents
61 Dark Lakitu
62 Dry Bones
63 Dark Wizzerd
64 Frost Piranha
65 Dark Craw
66 Dark Lakitu
67 Dry Bones
68 Dark Wizzerd
69 Frost Piranha
70 Double Dip P Badge

Floor 71-80
Wizzerd, D. Koopatrol, Phantom Ember, Swoopula, Chain Chomp

Phantom Embers and Swoopulas aren't a big deal, but the other enemies can be. However, D. Koopatrols are pushovers if you have the Spike Shield Badge, since they can be flipped over just like a regular Koopa by a jump attack. Ms. Mowz is, again, the partner of choice for the Chomps.

Floor Contents
71 Wizzerd
72 D. Koopatrol
73 Phantom Ember
74 Swoopula
75 Chain Chomp
76 Wizzerd
77 D. Koopatrol
78 Phantom Ember
79 Swoopula
80 Bump Attack Badge

Floor 81-90
Spunia, Dark Bristle, Arantula, Piranha Plant

These enemies have high attack power and high HP... Dark Bristles can be tricky, but they're vulnerable to Special Attacks like Earth Tremor. By this point, you'll probably be using up a lot of Star Power... but you're getting close to the end... hang in there!

Floor Contents
81 Spunia
82 Dark Bristle
83 Arantula
84 Piranha Plant
85 Spunia
86 Spunia
87 Dark Bristle
88 Arantula
89 Piranha Plant
90 Lucky Day Badge

Floor 91-100
Elite Wizzerd, Poison Puff, Bob-ulk, Swampire, Amazee Dayzee

Yeah, now it's really hard. All these enemies are brutal... well, except for Bob-ulks, which you should be able to take out before they have a chance to explode. Don't be afraid to use Supernova, which can take out an entire screenfull of Elite Wizzerds. Also, if you know an Elite Wizzerd is going to be the last enemy standing, make sure Vivian lights him on fire, so that his illusion-trick won't work. If you see Amazee Dayzees, be sure to take them out in the first round, since they're braver here than in Twilight Trail, and often attack. Art Attack is helpful for that. This is the hardest part of the Pit, so don't be stingy with any items you have... Of course, you still have to deal with what's on Floor 100...

Floor Contents
91 Elite Wizzerd
92 Poison Puff
93 Bob-ulk
94 Swampire
95 Elite Wizzerd
96 Poison Puff
97 Bob-ulk
98 Swampire
99 Elite Wizzerd
100 Bonetail, Return Postage Badge

Floor 100

At the very bottom of the Pit lies Bonetail, presumably another relative of Hooktail. By defeating Bonetail, you can get the Return Postage Badge (which damages enemies at a rate of half of what they damaged Mario, if they attack directly), but like most RPGs that reward you with super-powerful stuff after beating the optional super-boss, at this point, Mario probably won't need it.

200 HP
Attack: 8
Defense: 2
Bonetail is the boss at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials, and as you would expect, he's rather tough. His stats don't lie... he's a more powerful foe than even the Shadow Queen herself... But he's still not too bad. As you might expect, Bonetail is like a beefed up Gloomtail, so expect lots of stomps, chomps and breath attacks, the difference being this time, instead of Poison Breath, Bonetail has breath that can freeze, confuse, shrink, or put you to sleep. Since most of his attacks only affect the front character, Mario can stay in the back and use another character as a meat shield. Flurrie works well for this, since she can keep recovering HP with Lip Lock. Of course, you can and should switch your partner often to utilize all their HPs, especially if you have the Quick Change Badge equipped. When Bonetail's HP gets to 50, he'll heal 20 HP, and he may do this again throughout the course of the battle, but at this point you should be able to beat Bonetail down. Seriously, the last 10 levels of the Pit were more difficult than Bonetail himself.

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