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Bandy Andy: A fighter at Glitz Pit. He tends to spend all of his time snooping around behind the scenes, trying to discover the secrets and mysterious that abound at Glitz Pit.
Beldam: The oldest of the Shadow Sirens, and their leader as well. Beldam is menacing and manipulative, and refuses to take the blame for any of her own mistakes, preferring to blame Vivian. Although not physically strong, she is rather good at casting magic.
Blooey: Blooey is a Blooper that joined Luigi on his quest in Rumblebump Volcano. Blooey, the "White Torpedo" was renowned for his prized white coloring, but an unfortunate accident involving Luigi and lava has given him a golden tan. Now Blooey follows Luigi, looking for the perfect opportunity for revenge...
Bootler: Bow's butler. Fiercely loyal and protective of her, he follows her around wherever she goes.
Bow: Bow was one of the stars of the first Paper Mario game. Rich and somewhat arrogant, she's quite the aristocratic Boo. But she's not in this game... is she?
Bowser: The king of koopas. Bowser, furious that Peach was kidnapped without his notification, has set out on a journey to kidnap Peach from her kidnappers, and to thwart whatever plans Mario has in the process, including beating him to the Crystal Stars, even though Bowser has no idea what they are, and he's always two steps behind Mario..
Bub: The son of Goldbob and Sylvia. Since his parents are so enormously wealthy, he's a bit spoiled. They always want what's best for him, but they have the habit of giving gifts that they think are best for him, rather than listening to what he wants.
Charlieton: A money-hungry shopkeeper who hangs out in Rogueport. You can buy items from him, many of which are one-of-a-kind badges... if you can fork over the dough. He also shows up in the Pit of 100 Trials with outrageously priced goods that you may need.
Chef Shimi: The chef of the Excess Express. He's widely known as the most talented cook of mushrooms around, but unfortunately that's all he knows how to cook. His first language is Cheep Cheep, so his English tends to be a little..."off" at times, with hilarious results.
Chet Rippo: A wizard who lives beneath Rogueport, and who dresses is shabby clothing. Like his namesake in the first Paper Mario, he is able to alter Mario's stats, but this time, he swaps stats around with no penalty (except for the fee he charges).
Cleftor: A fighter at Glitz Pit. A rather gruff fellow, Cleftor doesn't make friends easily, due to his abrasive nature. But he's a rather good guy beyond all of that, though.
[Picture Pending]Cortez: The Spanglish-speaking pirate ghost, who died years ago. Although he once raised hell on the seven seas, he's marooned on Keelhaul Key forevermore, so he spends his centuries guarding his vast treasure from anyone who dares approach the island.
Darkly: Hailing from Twilight Town, Darkly currently resides in the back-alleys of Rogueport. Like all Twilight Towners, Darkly is somewhat gloomy and disdains the light, so as a result, he never leaves the dark corner he resides in. He is also apparently the grandson of Mayor Dour.
Dazzle: Dazzle is a strange guy that hangs out in the town beneath Rogueport. He collects Star Pieces, and by giving him certain numbers of them, you can get a number of helpful and unique badges.
Don Pianta: The "Don of Untimely Death", head of the Pianta Syndicate, that runs all of West Rogueport. Although he's generally a vicious character, he does have a soft spot for his daughter Francesca.
Dooplis: A shape-shifting Dooplighost who lives in Creepy Steeple. He enjoys doing things like turning people into pigs and switching bodies with people for fun. Although his name is Doopliss, nobody really knows it except for a parrot locked far beneath Creepy Steeple.
Dour: The mayor of Twilight Town. Despite being rather aged, Dour hasn't quite lost his mind as much as Kroop and the Puni Elder. He tends to be rather serious, but protective of his town.
Dupree: A lovelorn pidgin-French speaking man who tends to end up in the same place as Mario wherever he is. Dupree doesn't do much except fall in love with just about every girl he encounters, whether they like it or not.
Excess Express Engineer: This man is in charge of running the Excess Express that runs between Rogueport and Poshley Heights. He is really enthusiastic about his job, and never misses the opportunity to speak of the Excess Express' benefits.
Excess Express Waitress: The super-bubbly waitress of the Excess Express. She tends to speak with a sing-song voice at all times, has a big crush on the movie star Zip Toad, and cherishes her earrings from her ex more than anything else.
Fahr Outpost Mayor: The Bob-omb mayor of Fahr Outpost. A bit of a xenophobe, he tends not to trust anybody but other Bob-ombs, and has forbid other species from even knowing about their fabled cannon's existence.
Flavio: A rich, bombastic speaking entrepeneur owner of the S.S. Flavion, the greatest sailboat in all of Rogeuport. He spends most of his time in Podley's Juice Bar with the Skull Gem, his treasured family heirloom. And although he's a bit of a coward and a cad, he desires romance, thrills and emotion in his life.
Four-Eyes: A mysterious, overly-polite man who showed up suddenly to join Mario and Flavio's adventure to Keelhaul Key. In his own words, "It may be pretty obvious to you who I really am, but no telling Mario! Or else!"
Francesca: The headstrong daughter of Don Pianta, head of the Pianta Syndicate. She has eloped with Frankie, the underboss of the Syndicate, with whom she is madly in love with.
Frankie: The underboss of the Pianta Syndicate, "Furious Frankie". Despite his reputation as being tough and having a brutal temper, he has eloped with Francesca, daughter of Don Pianta, and is rather whipped by her. He is as good at coming up with bizarre pet names for his love as he is at fighting.
General White: A resident of Fahr Outpost, who is in charge of operating the fabled cannon there. Distraut that the cannon is currently non-operational, he travels to different towns all over the area, he was born a ramblin' man. He's also notorious for being a remarkably heavy sleeper.
Ghost T.: A ghost that haunts the Excess Express. Having died on the train long ago before having put away his diary, he stays in his old room on the train, in fear that his diary will be found and read by somebody.
Goldbob: The wife of Sylvia and the father of Bub. A resident of Poshley Heights, Goldbob is the richest Bob-omb in all the land. He made his fortune with his business, Goldbobbington's, which also is in charge of the cannon service at Fahr Outpost, but no longer actively runs it (it's a bit too loud for his wife's tastes), so he spends his time trying to better his social status.
Grifty: A minstrel living on the rooftops of Rogueport. He is willing to play his songs that tell of Rogueport's rich history, but only if you're willing to pay for his services.
[Picture Pending]Grodus: The serious leader of the extraterrestrial group, the X-Nauts. He has an obsessive interest in the treasure that is hidden behind the Thousand-Year door. He has kidnapped Princess Peach, although nobody is really sure what he plans to do with her.
Grubba: Grubba is the promotor of the Glitz Pit, the fighting league in Glitzville with enigmatic backstage happenings. Although a relatively old man, Grubba remains suspiciously toned and young in appearence.
Petuni: This Robbo is in charge of guarding East Rogueport for Ishnail. He won't let anybody pass without paying him a hefty sum of coins. Maybe Mario can beat some sense into him...
Hamma Jamma: A Hammer Brother at Glitz Pit. He is obsessed with his hammer, which was made by his grandfather, whom he is very proud of. His father forsaked the family profession and became a Business Brother.
Hayzee: Hayzee is an actor/director Dayzee that lives in Jazzafrazz Town. He helped Luigi in his quest by casting him in a play as grass. Hayzee was so impressed by Luigi's ability to play grass that he plans to go on tour with him after his adventure.
Heff T.: An overweight Toad that's extremely fond of Chef Shimi's cooking. He's so infatuated with the dishes the Excess Express serves, he spends all his days riding back and forth from Rogueport and Poshley Heights on the train.
Hooktail: This dragon terrorizes the area near Petalburg, eating innocent koopas and toads whenever she gets the chance. Quite manipulative, she will say anything to trick her adversaries and gain the upper-claw in battle. She gets nauseous at the thought of crickets.
Iron Adonis Twins: These two Iron Cleft brothers are fighters in the Glitz Pit. Rumored to be invincible, they hate anybody who can beat them. As per tradition, the one with the red shoes is older than the one with the green shoes.
Ishnail: The leader of the Robbos, a gang of thieves who run the east side of Rogueport. Rivals of the Pianta Syndicate, his greatest enemy is Don Pianta. But despite his thievery and bad attitude, deep down, he's not really a bad guy.
Jerry: Jerry is a Bob-omb that joined Luigi on his quest in Plumpbelly Village. Jerry was scarred when he saw Luigi in drag, and his life's goal is to prevent anybody else from suffering the way he did.
Jolene: The headstrong assistant to Grubba at the Glitz Pit. An extremely hard worker, she appears to be cold and uncaring to anything except for the task at hand.
Kammy Koopa: The cackling side-kick of Bowser. Kammy follows Bowser around on his quest to discover why Peach was kidnapped without Bowser's consent. Despite her best intentions, she tends to get on Bowser's nerves quite often.
King K: The outspoken urban-wannabe low-level Koopa fighter at Glitz Pit. Although he sounds like he wants to be straight from the hood, King K is rather kind, and has a heart of gold to match his shell. Although he loves fighting, he really wants to settle down with a "shortie" of his own.
Koopie Koo: The girlfriend of Koops. Tends to have Koops wrapped around her finger, and tends to lose her temper when she doesn't get her way. However, she truly loves Koops and only wants what she thinks is best for him.
Koopinator: A fighter at the Glitz Pit, and is generally the number one contender for the championship. The Koopinator is extremely focused, and takes his training very seriously.
Koopley: Koops' father. Bold and boistrous, he has the polar opposite personality of his son. An adventurer, he was rumored to have been eaten by Hooktail the dragon.
Kroop: The scatter-brained elder of Petalburg. Althougha a good koopa, Kroops is hard of hearing, near-sighted, and has the tendency to ramble on for hours about his own past and his gripes about today's youth.
Lahla: The kitty boo that works at the Pianta Parlor. As her looks may suggest, she's the sister of Peeka, and gets along with her quite well. Lahla is wild about cakes and Honey Shrooms, but is currently on a diet, due to self-esteem issues. Her dream is to own her own place someday and fill it with cakes and cute things.
Lord Crump: Grodus' bumbling right-hand X-Naut. Mario will encounter Crump many times during his adventure, as Crump has strict commands to get the Crystal Stars before Mario. While not much of a fighter himself, Crump commands a sizable number of X-Nauts, as well as his own personal mecha, Magnus von Grapple.
Lucky: The chronically cheery proprietor of Rogueport's lottery on the West Side. For a mere 10 coins, you can pick 4 numbers, and each day at midnight, 4 numbers are chosen. You can win a prize depending on how many you match. Lucky tends to strongly dislike cheaters, though.
Luigi: The oft-ignored brother of Mario. Apparently, while Mario is busy on his adventure for the Crystal Stars, Luigi is on his own adventure to collect pieces of the Marvelous Compass to rescue Princess Eclaire from the Waffle Kingdom. Luigi's tendency to exaggerate his verbose explanations of his adventures have paved his way to his own series of novels.
Lumpy: A ratooey that dreams of striking it rich by finding oil in Dry Dry Desert. The only problem is that he lacks the funds necessary to set out on his journey.
Marilyn: Younger than Beldam but older than Vivian, Marilyn is the middle Shadow Siren. She doesn't have much of a personality, since she tends to only communicate with grunts, she is extremely powerful due to her immense size.
Master Crash: A Bob-omb that competes at Glitz Pit. He has a speech impediment that causes him to say the word "BOMB" randomly in his sentences, but he takes pride in dispensing advice to newbies at the Glitz Pit.
Merlee: The sister of Merlee, and a powerful sorceress. Merluvlee, who always speaks in rhyme, has the ability to cast a spell over Mario that gives him beneficial effects during battle, such as doubling the amount of Star Points or money he earns, among other things.
Merlon: A wizard living in Rogueport. Merlon has the ability to power-up your party members for three Shine Sprites a pop. With the Ultra Stone, he can power up each party member twice.
Merluvlee: A female fortune teller living in the city beneath Rogueport. For a modest fee, Merlee can tell you where you should go next, as well as locations of Shrine Sprites and Star Pieces.
Mr. Hoggle: Hoggle is a pig that runs the hot dog stand in Glitzville. For just 10 Coins, you can buy a Hot Dog whenever you want. Hoggle has dreams of using an exotic egg to create a "Southern Fried Egg Dog of Tastiness".
Mysterious Peddler: This enigmatic character only appears during the introduction to the game. He's the one who sells the treasure map to Princess Peach that sets all the game's events in motion...
Mysterious Woman: This beautiful woman is seen hanging out at the Glitzville Cola Bar quite often. Although she gets plenty of attention from the men, nobody is exactly sure who she is...
Pa-Patch: Pa-Patch is a gruff Bob-omb sailor that works at the docks of Rogueport. Although sometimes abrasive, he's a hard worker, but dreams of moving away and living the easy life some day.
Parakarry: The Paratroopa mailkoopa. A star of the first Paper Mario, Parakarry only cameos at the beginning of this one, delivering the letter Peach sent to Mario in the introduction.
Parrot: The Parrot has been locked beneath Creepy Steeple by Doopliss, since he is the only one that knows Doopliss' real name. The parrot's task is to guard the letter "p", but he resents Doopliss... unless Doopliss gives him a cracker, of course.
Peeka: A bunny-boo that runs Westside Goods, the shop in West Rogueport. She's a bit ditzy, but runs her store under the supervision of the Piantas, and is in charge of allowing access to the Don. She's also the sister of Lahla, who works at the Pianta Parlor. Likes to go shopping and "jewelry and bags and things".
Pennington: As his garb might suggest, Pennington is a bit of a detective. But what he lacks in ability, he more than makes up with in enthusiasm and quickness of accusation. But detective work is only his hobby, as he's actually in charge of Poshley Sanctum.
Petuni: The sister of of Punio. Although she has all the mannerisms of a little girl, she is very popular with all the Puni males... and the Jabbies too, for that matter.
Podley: Podley is the bartender of the Cola Bar beneath the inn in Rogueport. Besides being an excellent barkeep, he and Bobbery are the best of friends.
Prince Mush: Prince Mush was the first, and most popular champion at Glitz Pit. However, he myseriously disappeared long ago, and nobody has seen him since...
Princess Peach: The familiar princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. On vacation, she found a mysterious map, which she sent to Mario, that set this game's events in motion. She was kidnapped by the X-Nauts, although it's not exactly clear what they plan to do with her...
Professor Frankly: A professor of archaeology employed at U Goom. Frankly, who once taught Goombella, is extremely interested in the mystery of the Thousand-Year Door, and will help Mario and his partners throughout their quest.
Puni Elder: The rambling, tempermental elder of the Punies. Although she constantly nags at Punio, she does care for him, and the rest of Punies too. She also seems to be concerned about her own morality, and for that reason, is very interested in Life Shrooms and other methods of life-extension.
Punio: A Puni boy, and apparent heir to the Puni throne. Very courageous, he has set out on a mission to rescue the other Punies from the X-Nauts.
Puniper: The large-bodied, pessimistic Puni. Even though he tends to look at things from the worst angle, he ultimately is not really a bad guy. He, like many other Punies, has an apparent crush on Petuni.
Ratooey Businessman: This nameless Ratooey works for some mysterious business that constantly comes up with new and exciting inventions, which he has to showcase all over the place. Being a savvy business traveller, he always writes off his traveling expenses onto his business account, never paying a dime. He also has an odd fascination with chairs...
Rawk Hawk: The over-confident champion of Glitz Pit. Being on top seems to have gone to his head, as he exudes confidence in his own abilities, and disdain toward other fighters... or anybody who threatens to steal his spotlight...
Screamy: A mysterious being of unknown origin that helps Luigi out on his adventure. Nobody is quite sure of what exactly he is or what his purpose is, though.
Shellshock: A Shady Koopa fighter at Glitz Pit. Not much to say about him, other than that he tends to be pretty serious, and will steal anybody's cake if given the chance.
Sir Swoop: A new fighter that joins the Glitz Pit. He never ends up making much of a splash, possibly due to the impossible match conditions given to him by the promoter.
Spiky Joe: A fighter at the Glitz Pit. Has an absolute obsession with his spike, and as such, his spike is just about all he ever talks about.
Sylvia: The high-class wife of Goldbob, and Bub's mother. She's a big spender like her husband, and also tends to spoil Bub, although she doesn't seem to quite be as concerned with their social status as her husband.
[Picture Pending]TEC: The X-Naut super-computer. Given self-awareness and designed to be the perfect computer, TEC experienced sensations he was unfamiliar with when he caught a glimpse of Peach in the shower. Now he must juggle his programmed duties and his feelings toward the princess.
Toadsworth: The constantly-fretting assistant to Princess Peach. On their latest vacation, Princess Peach disappared in Rogueport, leaving Toadsworth alone, and as stressed out as ever.
Toodles: The wealthy and elegant Toad resident of Poshley Heights. Besides being a super-fashionable dresser, Toodles is surprisingly fond of Glitz battles, claiming that she'd only date the current Glitz Pit champion. She has a tendency to spew compliments to men constantly nonetheless.
[Picture Pending]Torque: A Buzzy Beetle that joined Luigi on his quest on Circuit Break Island. He lent Luigi his kart, which Luigi wrecked, so now Torque has vowed to follow Luigi until he gets his damages repayed.
Traveling Sisters 3: These three ditzy Toads spend all their time vacationing to exotic towns, all while retaining a completely vacuous attitude toward their surroundings.
Twilight Shop Manager: The owner of the shop at Twilight Town. In addition to owning the shop, he also gathers all the items for the shop. He tends to be a tad jealous of his wife, however.
Twilight Shop Manager's Wife: The wife of the Twilight Shop's Manager. She is the one who does all the actual selling of goods in the shop. She loves her husband, and worries about him when he's away, but she also tends to be a bit flighty and fickle when it comes to men...
Whacka: Whacka is a happy mole-creature that lives on the beach of Keelhaul Key. If you hit him with your hammer, he'll give you a Whacka's Bump, an excellent healing item. However, hit him too many times, and he'll...die...
Wonky: A wise man living in the underground city below Rogueport. For a fee, he is willing to part with some of his knowledge, some of which is invaluable, some of which is useless.
Zess T.: As her name suggests, Zess T. is a rather fiesty toad chef who lives in Rogueport. Although nobody this side of Tayce T. handles food better than her, she's nearsighted, and tends to hold a grudge against anybody who crosses her path, whether intentionally or not.
Zip Toad: The biggest movie star in all the land. He's apparently travelling on the Excess Express, but he seems to be a far-bigger jerk in real life than on the silver screen...

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