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OK here's the secrets section here. Basically I'm telling you how to get some of the rarer cards in the game and some other things that I may or may not have talked about in the walkthrough.

Admittedly, there are no secrets or Easter Eggs in this game so I have three things that I deem secret worthy.

Getting the Doppelganger Card

OK, the Doppelganger card is an extremely cheap card and can bring the end of any boss battle really quick. Here's how you get it: The first thing you can do is get all 100 red fairies. You'll get the Doppelganger card as a gift.


If you go to any of the four element specific sidequest missions at the end of the game, you can transform any of the legendary cards that you gain there. However you should copy the legendary card first so you don't lose it. This requires a lot of experience for the card. In total you'll need 14,999 experience for it. 5,000 to make a copy of the card and 9,999 experience points to transform it.

Getting the Golden Goose Card

OK, in total contrast to the Doppelganger card, the Golden Goose card is the most useless card in the game. However, it's likely that if you're missing any card from your deck it will be this one. Here's how you get it: The Golden Goose can only be found in Grenfoel Church. It will appear near the back by the organ. You'll have to capture the Golden Goose, but it's not that resilient and it will self destruct if you alert it. So what you must do is to keep throwing cards at it until it you capture it. It only has 30 hit points so you won't run out of cards, but it will take many cards to capture it.

Opening the Doors in Ruh-Arok Temple

At the end of the Ruh-Arok Temple level you'll come across four doors. Each of these doors lead to a sidequest that will yield a powerful card each. If you are denied access to the doors here's what you must do: Abort the level and go into your inventory screen on your menu. Press the X Button to see how many different types of cards you have for a specific element. You need 20 cards of that element to enter the doors. If you don't have enough cards, go to the Apothecary and buy whatever cards you don't have. Also you can transform your cards so you can gain new cards and add them to your inventory. Once you get 20 cards of any element, you can open the door and complete that level.

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