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Gameplay and Controls

Okay, in this section I'm going to tell you about the controls, gameplay, and the battle system. All more specific information about the card themselves will be taken care of in the Cards section.

Game controls

This is based off of the default control option.

Menu and Dialog Controls
A Button Confirm or excecute
B Button Cancel
Control Stick Move cursor
Start Button Bring up the main menu

World Map Controls
A Button Select or confirm
B Button Cancel
Control Stick Move cursor

Action Stage Controls
A Button Trigger action
B Button Escape conversation or from reading a message
C Stick Change the camera by 90 degrees and change the zoom level
Start Button Pause the game and bring up the main menu

Battle Controls
A, B, Y, and X Buttons Activate the card designated to that button. If you hold down the face button, you can move the card with the control stick.
Control Stick Move Princess Katia or control a card
C Stick Turn the camera ninety degrees and change the zoom
Start Button Pause the game and bring up the main menu
R Button Hold down the R button and a card button to discard the card.
L Button Hold down the L Button and press a card button to perform a capture throw. use the Control Stick to conrol the card.


The Game Screen
You'll start the game in "Exploration Mode." Here's how the screen is set up in this mode. In the upper right hand corner is the local map. This will show you your position, the ground nearby, and any other objects that might be around. The upper left hand corner shows your remaining HP and Magic Stones. Not that bad, but now on to...

The Battle Screen
Now you've been walking around for a while and the screen goes into a ripple effect. You have just been thrust into battle. The upper left hand corner still shows your HP in a convenient bar and number form. The number in the circle shows how many Magic Stones you have left. The next card that will be put into your hand will be in the lower left hand corner. The lower right hand corner shows your current hand. There will be four cards there each assigned to a different button on your controller. The card on the bottom will be assigned to the A Button and so on. All of the monsters will also have their remaining HP shown in the convenient bar and nuber form.


Exploration Mode
Exploration mode isn't that complicated. You basically just have to run around, but there are some things that you should be on the look out for. You'll know when something is important because a "!" will appear over your head. Press A to examine it.
Treasure chests- Treasure chests are your basic red boxes. They usually contain a card, or they will have a key item for the stage.
Deck Points- Deck Points are small columns that have a blue light on top. When you check a deck point, all of your hit points will be recovered. Also, you will be taken to a menu where you can edit your deck and add the cards that you found or captured during the mission.
People and signs- It's always good to get as much information as you can. Sometimes an NPC will give you a card or an item.
Anything conspicuous- Look at everything to see if it's something that you can interact with. Chances are, if you can, it will be worth it.

Battle Mode
Well, now you're in a battle. First thing you ought to notice is that it's in real time so move ot of your enemies' way. Now basicaclly, you run aroud avoiding attacks, and using cards to your advantage. Specific card strategies will be covered in the card section. But this is the way the battles work:
First thing you should know is, make good use of your cards as you can only use them once. So make sure you know what you are doing with them.
Push one of the main controller buttons to use the cards power. If it's a card that can only be used once, like a summons card, the card will be taken from your deck completely. Any used cards can't be used again that mission unless you get card restorers, more on that in a minute. Card that are used may be used again in other missions.

Magic Stones
In this game there are no magic points, only magic stones. All cards use up magic stones. If you run out of magic stones you can still use cards but it will take away your HP. Magic stones appear after you damage/kill an enemy, or if something destroys terrain objects. Any magic stones picked up will give a certain amount of experience points to every card in your deck.
There are three different types of magic stones.
A small pink stone will replenish one magic stone and give your cards one experience point.
A medium sized blue stone will replenish three magic stones and give your cards three experience points.
A large pink stone will replenish five magic stones and give all of your cards five experience points.

Elemental Strength and Weakness Chart
Element Strong Against Weak Against
Fire Wood Water
Wood Earth Fire
Earth Water Wood
Water Fire Earth
Neutral Nothing Nothing

Status Changes
Poison Poisoning will cause you to lose one percent of your maximum health peridocially. It's not that critical but it's annoying since you stop to take the damage.
When your enemies or allies get poisoned they lose one percent of their Max HP. They also have to stop moving when they recieve damage from it.
Paralysis When you are paralyzed, your movment speed will be decreased.
When your enemies or allies are paralyzed, their movment speed will be reduced. Their attack motion speed will also be reduced put them at a major disadvantage.
Curse When you are cursed your defense will drop. You will also not be able to use two of the cards in your hand.
When your enemies or allies are cursed they will stop attacking and basically mill around the battlefield.
Charm When you are charmed you will start walking backwards. So front is back, and left is right. It's nothing major but it can confuse you for a minute.
When your enemies or allies are charmed they will start attacking their own allies.
Petrification You will be turned into a statue when you are petrified and are completely vulnerable to attacks.
When your allies or enemies are petrified, the will turn into stone and will be completely vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Death, and how to avoid it
Are you about to get your ass kicked? Run from the battle by running into the wall at the battle sites edge. That maneuver will cost you one random card. Some battles cannot be escaped from.
Did you actually get your ass kicked and you are now dead? Well, it's not as bad as you might think. Even though you'll have to start the mission over, you get to keep all of the experience that you got from the mission you were killed in.

Your rewards
After each battle is over, you get to see how many expereince points you earned, (through magic stones.) You also see what cards got how much expereince from defeating enemies. Also, if you caught any cards, they will be displayed to you now.
After a mission, you ranking is calculated based on, how many enemies you defeated, how many cards you used, and how much damage you sustained. Now, don't think that getting through the whole mission without fighting will do you any good, it's on a ratio. The more enemies you defeat, the better. The less damage you sustain, the better. The fewer cards used, the better. Your ranking will be on a 1-5 star scale. 5 being excellent, 1 being you didn't do that great. The more stars you get, the more cards you will get at the end of the stage. Usually the stage will have one rare card mixed in with the six that you get to choose from. A five star rating means that you will get three choices. A four or three star rating means you can pick two cards. A one or two star rating means you can only pick one card.

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