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The disappearance of a small forest was the first sign of approaching evil.

One morning, the villagers awoke to find a solid wall of fog where the forest should have been. The brave few that ventured into the pitch-black mist were never heard from again...

The next day, the swirling mists swallowed up the lake. It was not long before an impenetrable wall of the blackest fog enshrouded the village itself in perpetual darkness. And the black fog wasn't finished yet...

By ancient covenant, the Five Kingdoms had forbidden all alliances between kingdoms. Now they were forced to abandon their centuries-long isolation. The Five Kings met, for the first time, in a council of war. But no one, king or peasant, could offer a plan to defeat the fog.

Terrifying rumors spread throughout the land. People whispered tales of an ageless evil reawakened...

Created and Maintained by: X_countryguy

Lost Kingdoms 2002



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