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Red Fairy Locations

Red Fairy Locations

Here's the deal with red fairies. There are 100 red fairies in the entire game. It's your job to go look for them and bring them back to Alexander's Fairy House. Alexander will reward your efforts periodically with a card. They get quite good by the end of the game. If you get all 100 fairies he rewards you with one of the cheapest cards of the game.

Fairy rewards
1 FairyFire Gargoyle
10 FairiesBanshee
20 FairiesStone Head
30 FairiesWhip Worm
50 FairiesGoblin Lord
70 FairiesMega Mandragora
80 FairiesChaos Knight
90 FairiesSteel Skeleton
100 FairiesDoppelganger

Here are the lists of the fairy locations.

Blessoon - 6 fairies
1.Gained when you enter Alexander's camp
2.Floating near Alexander's tent
3.Hiding in a box behind Alexander's tent
4.On the path to the left of the bridge
5.Floating in the corner of the map
6.Hiding in a bed in a destroyed house

Dahl-Nok Valley - 5 fairies
7.Floating near the bridge after it is destroyed
8.At the end of the river in the valley
9.At the top of the second ladder
10.In a stump near treasure chests past fairy 9
11.In a stump at the corner of the map

Gromtull Desert - 3 fairies
12.In a chest past the first oasis
13.Near the fourth Sand Worm fight
14.On the oasis in the corner of the map by the last switch

Burial Grounds - 6 fairies
15.In the first gravestone that you see
16.In the open down the path from the first fairy
17.In the well
18.In a treasure chest furthur down the path
19.Near the fairy in the treasure chest
20.Near fairy 19

Shayel Passage - 6 fairies
21.Under the bridge near the start
22.At the first intersection
23.West of the first intersection
24.In a clump of dirt under the bridge past the first moving gate
25.Up the staircase from the second tank
26.In a clump of dirt past the first deck point

The Castle Grayl - 3 fairies
27.In the second room
28.In a pile of rubble in the throne room
29.In another pile of rubble in the throne room

Rohbach - 5 fairies
30.On the west path from the start
31.In a sled past the first Sasquatch tree
32.In the sled on the frozen lake
33.Near the deck point on the frozen lake
34.Up the narrow path leading to the last Sasquatch tree

Bridge of Sarvan - 4 fairies
35.By a statue near the start
36.By the east bridge switch
37.By the west bridge switch
38.On the little island down the stairs

Yypreck Mines - 5 fairies
39.In a mine cart near the beginning of the level
40.West of the starting point
41.After the first battle with the soldier
42.After the fourth fight with the soldier
43.In a woodpile near a chest in a hall from the last fairy

Lumstead - 6 fairies
44.By a house near the start
45.In a stump near the first well
46.In a chest near the well in the graveyard
47.Behind a house by the graveyard enterance
48.Near the third well
49.In a stump near the last well

Bernden Field - 5 fairies
50.On the path before the first gate
51.On the path near the exit of the first field
52.In a small alcove in the second field
53.Behind the statue in the small alcove
54.In the second field

Castle of Whyt - 3 fairies
55.West of the start
56.On the second floor lobby
57.In the prince's bedroom

Grenfoel Church - 5 fairies
58.Floating among the pews
59.Near the organ
60.Near the chest with the sheet music in it
61.In the secret room
62.Also in the secret room

Lake Bestriel - 5 fairies
63.Near the start
64.Farther down the path, past the statue
65.In a chest on top of a ruin
66.At the end of the path before you start making bridges
67.On the first island

Mt. Jarndunn - 3 fairies
68.Near the start
69.On the westmost path from the first deck point
70.Near the deck point at the top of the mountain

Ruh-Arok Temple - 9 fairies
71.At the start
72.Along the path to the first switch
73.Northeast hole in the floor in the room after the first door you open
74.Southwest hole in the floor in the room after the first door you open
75.On the path after you get the White Gem
76.Southeast hole in the floor after the gem wall disappears
77.Northwest hole in the floor after teh gem wall disappears
78.In the last room
79.Also in the last room

Hupon-Jen - 5 fairies
80.Near the start
81.Mushroom on the path right after the first room that closes you in
82.In a mushroom next to the totem pole
83.On the path after the door the totem pole opens up
84.On the path leading ot the boss fight

Temple of Amentankh - 4 fairies
85.In the first room
86.In the third room
87.In the room to the west of the second fairy
88.In the room to the east of the second fairy

Terjon Temple - 4 fairies
89.Across the first bridge
90.By the windmill on the southeast path from the center
91.Near the northeast switch
92.In the chest near the northwest switch

Yalwog - 4 fairies
93.On the path near the start
94.Down the staircase the Phoenix is facing and to the left
95.Near the four chains in the floor
96.Right before the boss fight

Broch Black - 4 fairies
97.Near the entrance
98.On the east path
99.In a chest next to the Stone of Darkness
100.In the final room before the boss

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