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Princess Katia

The heir to the crown of Alanjeh. Katia is alone in the castle when the Black Fog strikes. Armed only with the mysterious, glowing Runestone and a tattered bundle of cards, Katia is about to begin a journey that will determine the fate of a world.

King Feobane

Feobane is the King of Alanjeh, father of our heroine. His wise and intelligent leadership has brought proserity to the kingdom and its people. Accompanied by his most trusted knights, King Feobane has set out to discover the truth behind the Black Fog.


An old woman who runs a peculiar apothecary near the border of Alanjeh. Gurd's strange appearance and gruff personality have led her neighbors to shun her, but she doesn't seem to care.


Alexander is a young scholar dedicated to the study of fairies. Obsessed with the mysterious creatures, he will travel anywhere, even dangerous places, to have a chance to converse with fairies. He has converted his home near Blessoon into a haven for faires. The fairy section can be found here.

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