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Z Gundam: Away to the Newtype is a Strategy-RPG video game for the Super Famicom that was created in roughly 1996 by Bandai Japan. Following the success of Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079, Bandai decided to take the engine from CD0079 and add elements from Z Gundam: Hot Scramble. What you get in the end is what Bandai calls a "Gundam Simulation Game", which is a very, very good thing.

This shrine strives to be your number one resource for any and all information pertaining to this wonderful video game. So dig out those SNES and SFC's, knock the dust off of them, and get ready to turn the Titans into stardust!


05.31.2004 8:20PM EST
RedComet Update. I rewrote a couple character descriptions, rewrote some of the walkthrough for Mission 1, and rewrote/reorganized the Long Range page.

02.20.2004 11:05PM EST
RedComet Update. Added some character info, only 2 more characters to go, guess I'll have them up in another year and a half.

01.28.2004 6:30PM EST
RedComet Update, got the savestate editor up today and fixed a few problems on the hacking page.

02.19.2003 2:01PM EST
For the time being Crotanks is going to maintain the shrine. I'm having some troubles of my own so please email him with anything you might need help with. Thanks Cro!

02.3.2003 4:38PM EST
A few cosmetic fixes in various places. Added an Experience Chart page/section.

01.09.2003 9:16PM EST
Some fresh new character information for Jamitov and Kacricorn. Many thanks go out to Alex Kimball for supplying me with the information that my characters section is lacking.

12.19.2002 4:35PM EST
Hot Scramble Guide up thanks to Alex Kimball.

11.24.2002 11:15PM EST
Finally AP values for ALL mobile suits in the game!! Added a new section for Hot Scramble.

11.09.2002 10:02PM EST
Added some spiffy technical information for all the mobile suits. Some of the stats might be wrong; I'll double check them in the morning and add the mobile suits that I forgot to.

10.11.2002 3:29PM EST
New clean look for all of the Mobile Suits pages.

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