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You began the game by naming your character, who by the way is God. After that you can go to Act 1 of Fillmore
Here comes the first of many falling to the ground scenes. Whee!.
In the forest you will face Goblins, Bird, Bad Bees, Ivory, Dark Apes, and the Treeman. Just keep going forward and avoid the monsters. Soon you will get to a tree with a man face.
The Treeman must be killed to move on. To get rid of him, jump up and hit him on the head three times, while avoiding fireballs. Once he gone you can continue on.
After climbing up the path you will fall down and see a tree with his hands shaped like a platform. He is a plattree and he will help you cross the ivory. Continue and you will soon go down a hole, which leads to Centaur Knight.
Centaur Knight attack by shooting lightning when his spear is pointed up. Take the delay to slash at him. He will also ram you when his spear is pointing toward you. Duck when he attempt to slash at you. Soon you will get him.
Once he dead, you can now enter the SIM mode to create the town of Fillmore.
Once in town, began by destroying the bushes around the temple, as instructed by the elders. After that, lead your people toward any of the bat lairs.
With any bat lair seal, you will probably get a sign that you need to put out a fire. Just used rain and they will thank you. Once that is over with, continue getting rid of the lairs.
Once you finished sealing all lairs of the bats, the elders will tell you that they finished making the bridge technology, giving you a copy for Bloodpool. Now you can cross the river, but make sure to limit the number of bridges, they count for houses..
Before you get rid of the white dragon lair, go to the rock that is east of the temple and hit it with lightning to earn the fireball spell. The elders will hint you on this if you need help(or use the picture here).
Now get rid of that annoying white dragon once and for all by sealing his lair. Nevertheless, once he is gone, the cave that contains Minotarus opens, and all current projects of the town will end.
It now time to enter Fillmore Act 2 to face trolls, zombees, maggots, death orbs, demon mouths, cave trolls, and skeltous.
Once in, keep going left until you drop down, where you will soon come to a waterfall. Either path will take you to the mini boss, Skeltous. But either one is okay, since they are both low danger.
The skeltous is a powerful mini boss who will attack you with his sword. But to kill him, keep dodging his blows and hit him three times to kill him. Once he died, go through and climb to the top of the level to face Minotaurus.
This guy may be based on a myth, but his attacks are powerful, with the deadly axe, and a wave of fireballs if your trying to hide. To beat him, wait for the jump and slash at him, and while he is still using the axe, use the fireball.
Good job, you have free Fillmore from all monsters attack from this point on.
But the cost of victory is high here, for the elder who foreseen the Minotaurus' curse died while you were gone. He knew that this was the end for him, but it does not mean his town is gone. Just finish working on the town and go Bloodpool.

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