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"When trying to get a town to maximum size, to not make too many bridges, as they count for one house each. This can be a bit of a problem on Bloodpool, which is mostly rivers." - Wertigon
"You do not need to use the compass at Marahna in order to obtain the magic aura - dropping the tablet and hitting the bush with lightning are sufficient. Using the compass there gets you an MP." - Kenneth G. Kroenlein
To get a maximum amount of people in town, used Earthquake to destroy all the old houses so when they rebuilt, they will used the new technology to make the houses.
When at Northwall, used lightning on the temple to get a source of life.
After you beat the game, go to the title screen and hit down under Continue to get Professional mode, where you only play the acts(like how Actraiser 2 is).
When you find the Pyramid in Kasandora, used the Earthquake spell on it to get a source of life.
After you used the Skull on the Red Demon lair in Bloodpool, used rain on the lake to obtain a source of life.
Continue building the land, even if it just a small part of dirt near a mountain. Because some place will give you free items for building to a certain spot.
After getting a number of wheat from Bloodpool, go into any town and use it on one crop. After a while, all the crops will be converted to that type.
There only two sword updates in the game, so don't worry if you can never find it.
Usually in the act, the item in the hardest to reach part is always an extra life.

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