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Master The creator of man who was defeated by Tanzra a long time ago. While he was resting, all humans on Earth were seal away by Tanzra. Now healed, the master begins to restore the Earth to the way it was before Tanzra's attack.
Angel God caretaker while he was healing up from the fight. Helps by telling when to enter an act and goes down to the simulator mode for restarting life and killing monsters.
Town Elders The first two humans to be revived at the start of new life in each town. Each one has a different problem going on in life. Will give you new items every once and a while.
Teddy A little boy who was taken by Zeppelin Wolf's castle to be sacrificed. The town folks lie about his death after defeating Zeppelin Wolf, but tell the truth after Tanzra is destroyed.
Platree A helpful tree that carries you across patches of ivory in Fillmore, Act 1. Just watch his movements or you might accidentally jump when he is jumping as well!
Bird Carriage A carriage that takes you across the sky to the volcanic waterfall. Just be careful when on the birds, as many monsters are trying to knock you off him.
Tanzra The devil himself, Tanzra sealed the world away and unleashed his various henchman to keep the lands in disorder. After destroying all his guards, he opens up Death Heim and fights the Master to the death.

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