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Resident Buildings

Picture Name Townfolks Info
Cabins 8 The middle housing type for Fillmore. It houses eight resident, but is not earthquake proof.
Crop Field None Just a average crop field for a small town. It does nothing but gather dust, so uses some wheat if avaible to convert them.
Desert Houses 8 The top of the line in housing for Kasandora. They are earthquake proof and can host eight residents.
Desert Tents 8 The second type of buildings found in Kasandora. They are able to house eight resident, but are not earthquake proof.
Generic Houses 8 The final level of housing in most towns in the game. It houses eight people and the best you can get if avaiable in the region.
Island Huts 8 This second level house is only found in Marahna's tropical region. It houses eight people, but is not earthquake proof.
Mansion None This large mansion is the center piece for a fully developent town. Sadly it does not give you any new resident disprite the size, but it does look cool.
Mud Huts 4 The starting building type in all towns is a mud hut. They only house four and don't last against earthquakes. In order to get the maximum level, you must destroy all tents to make them into houses.
Pesture None The grazing grounds of many kinds of animals replaces the farms
Purple Houses 8 This is a Bloodpool verison of the generic houses, which means it has everything I listed above for it.
River Bridge None While nobody can live in the bridge, they do count toward the number of houses allowed to be build. In order to get the maximum level in the game, you must try to avoid making bridges that are not needed.
Stone Houses 8 The best in housing for the Aitos region, it durable, houses eight, and looks pretty cool too.
Temple 2 The temple devoted to the Master is where all citization begin life. It can't be destroyed and is the source of many events in the game. Every town has only one temple pre-made, even so the designs on it the outside may vary.
Wheat Field None The best in the various fields, the wheat fields make the citization work harder and eat better. You can obtain wheat samples from Bloodpool to spread wheat around the world to make the citization work harder.
Windmill None The windmills of Aitos are their signature landmarks, but tend to lose power due to the lack of wind.

Monster Buildings

Picture Name Info
Blue Dragon Lair The evil blue dragons make this spot their home and will keep on spawning until it destroyed. But the White Dragons are such evil creatures that they tend to build them in remote paths, away from the citization's gasps, so help them out in sealing the lair.
Giant Skull Lair This is the nesting ground for the Giant Skull monster. It tends to be far away, so it will takes some time to reach the lair and destroy it.
Hole in a Ground This hole in the ground is acually the location of Fillmore Act 2. It only appears in Fillmore after destroying the White Dragon Lair.
Kalia's Temple The unholy temple made by the confused citizations of Marahna to worship the evil Kalia. After sealing the last lair, all citization leaves for the temple, leaving you to enter there and destroy Kalia.
Napper Bats Lair This is the unholy spawning grounds of the napper bats. Lead the elder and his villagers to here soon as possible.
Pyramid The pyramid in the desert is the beckon point for all monsters lurking in the desert. It causes some townfolks to wander out to the desert and die. After destroying a wall with a earthquake (to get a source of life), you decide to enter and destroy the Pharo in order to save the town.
Red Demon Lair The spawning pool for the Red Demon lies in wait in far away parts of the land. Gather the troops and destroy it at once, or your crops will suffer.
Tree of Life While the tree itself is not evil, monsters have taken over the place and using it as base of operation. It decided to enter the tree and destroy the monsters or else the tree will die.
Volcano The old doment volcano of Aitos starts to erupt suddenly after sealing the last lair. It discover that Firewheel, a demon of Tanzra is behind this and you set out to destroy him and save the town from destruction.
Zeppelin Wolf's Castle This unholy castle, constructed by Zeppelin Wolf is where he plots to sacrfices citization for his lord Tanzra. You then decide to enter the trap filled castle to destroy the man-wolf warlord.

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